Friday, July 27, 2012

The Skittles Challenge

Good morning! I am sorry that I have not posted but have been preoccupied over the past few days. The Southern belle and Pop are in town and have my attention. Lots going on in the BPM household with the guests although I must confess, I think that I have ruined Pop. He's a guy who has lots of experience with fine food and wine....the finest that we have here in my home are Pop Tarts (s'mores of course) and boxed wine. Last night, I corrupted the guy by serving him some boxed wine. He actually said that he enjoyed it. Hmmm...what has happened? Is he being gracious or did he really like it? Why do I only have the box in the house? I guess that it is easier than opening a bottle when all I want may be a juice glass of vino. And so, Pop has adapted and joined me for a glass of the finest vintage of boxed wines.

What else is going on? Well, Buddy is returning to school today to run a baseball camp. In true leftie form, last night he realized that he had to send his back ground check and child abuse forms to the school to qualify as a counselor. At 10:30 pm, we were scanning the documents and emailing them to the coaches. This was fun as once again, he could not believe that he had to do this....Can anyone spell "Sandusky?"

And so, he will be gone for a few days, pack up his apartment, and return home on Tuesday night. I will actually miss the big kid. We have been hanging out together for the last week....OK...not what it seems...we took a trip to North Carolina and flew home, worked out with Tank, and had multiple dinners and conversations. I taught him the greatest party game ever....I call it the "Skittles Challenge." What is the SC? Well, you take a bag of Skittles (regular flavors) and give your opponent one at a time. With eyes closed or a blind fold on, the person has to identify the color of the Skittle by taste. it's not as easy as one would think. At the best, Buddy picked up 5/5. At his worse, he was 1/5.
We would go back and forth and keep score of who could identify the most colors by taste. It's a mindless game and the kind that he can get into...he is now addicted to the Skittles challenge and we have an opened bag on the counter. Try it some time....It makes time on an airplane go quickly.....

Back to his journey....He has to stay in the dorms with the campers which has some of the other counselors a bit bugged. They want to stay in the apartments and party at night after the camp is over....but that is not what they have been hired to do. They have to chaperone the kids and make sure that they do not get into any trouble. I see this as a big responsibility and will say something to the big kid before he leaves. He has to be vigilant at all times to protect these children. No ands, ifs, or buts...just do your job and keep them safe. You are now a pseudo-adult. Got to act like it and accept this responsibility.

 It's time for me to get some work done, although Tink entered the room with a dilemma. My guests are suggesting that the house is too cold. Got to turn the heat's 92 degrees outside....and 94 inside.....whew...

 Sweating clip art

Have a great day!

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