Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th

Happy Birthday America! It's hot and sunny....a perfect day for family and friends to gather to celebrate the 4th. On our way to Dr. G's for a picnic and ping pong tournament. Cupcake is going to make her extended family debut today. I am pretty sure that she will be wearing something red, white, or blue or a combination.

And so it goes....burgers, hot dog eating contest and naturally, the living room ping pong tournament. Yes, the table is still in the living room, so there is no need for any Queen Anne furniture or cherry wood end tables with prints of Van Gogh paintings. Yep, it's already decorated in typical bachelor style including a few red Solo cups in case someone wants to play beer pong....

Moving on....tomorrow, yes, tomorrow is the long awaited day. Yep, the surgeon will or will not give the green light to Buddy. After his appointment, if all goes well, he will be allowed to throw a baseball. Here is comes...the big leftie has already made an appointment for physical therapy at 6pm for his first toss. Dad and I have been invited to the "show". Looking forward to it...sort of...

Why sort of? Well, after I returned to tennis after the surgery, I was rusty, slow, and discombobulated. In other words, I looked like I had never played before....which some of my former partners have accused me of...but nevertheless, if the big kid thinks that he is going to pick up a ball and throw it at 90 miles per hour, then I am going to have to have a sit-down with him and explain the facts of life. After all, it has been 4+ months of keeping the arm in a sling or immobile. The PT has gone well so there are no dounts about his range of motion. The doubts emerge when he erroneously thinks that the first time he is on the mound he is going to throw strikes or a curve ball. In fact, I submit that he is going to bounce the first 100 or so balls then overthrow them to prove a point.

As Tank told me: "The hardest part is not to over do it when you are starting to feel better..." Yes, Tank is right. So tomorrow, I will be there at 6 pm to witness the rise of the phoenix, be encouraging, clap once or twice, take him out to dinner then have a cake celebration. After all, no one has worked harder than him to return. Right now he is at the gym working out for two hous. This guy is committed or should be committed.....Ah, no....he's got a goal. let's watch, support, and cheer him on.

No one stopped our founding fathers from achieving their goal of one nation under God...right? So, why can't Buddy achieve his goal? This is America, right! Right on!

Have a great 4th!

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