Saturday, July 14, 2012

More monkey news

Good Morning!
It's a rainy day in the northeast and I have a few minutes to share this video with you. In yesterday's post, I mentioned how I had the privilege of watching my first cowboy monkey rodeo. Well, thanks to the big kid, here is a video of the show.

Why do I want to share it? Isn't it a bit odd watching a monkey riding on a dog around a baseball field? Perhaps....but if you know me, you know that I love animals and am fascinated by primates. I loved watching the tv shows Mutual of Omaha and Jacques Cousteau. How about Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges and Flipper? Oh yeah, the Little Rascals had a monkey. I desperately wanted one as a kid too. What was wrong with my life? BP Grandmom would not let us have a monkey. Six kids and a monkey? We would have had the coolest house in the region. I swear I would have taken care of the monkey. I would have called him "Banana". Isn't that a great name for a monkey? Come on, mom!

Conversely, I guess if I liked to sit in the jungle and enjoyed mosquitoes, I would have been a Jane Goodall instead of a bullpen mom. Further, if I did not get sea sick on boats or claustrophobic under water, I would have worked with the Cousteau group. Sadly, it was not my destiny to live in Africa and observe the animals nor scuba and find various species of barracudas, therefore, I have to be content watching them in movies and on television.  If you click on the video, you can see why I went crazy on Thursday night when the dog and monkey ran onto the field. 

And so, I will cut this post short. There is a moving sale around the corner and the big leftie wants me to check out the furniture since he needs a few pieces for his house in August. Yes, he is moving into a house. Oy! In the future, I will post the list of rules for his house starting with rule number 1: no underage drinking! I will print the rules, laminate them, and decoupage them onto a hard piece of wood to hang in the bathroom. Perhaps it will get their attention.

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