Sunday, July 15, 2012

Treasure or trash?

Good morning! It's a soupy day in the 'soupy' I mean that breathing outdoors is like breathing through soup. Does that make any sense? Probably not, so on we go....

Yesterday the big kid took the day off from working out. It seems that the three hours that he spent in rehab on Friday was a bit much and the knees are screaming. Do all baseball players work out this much? Is this the standard or beyond the standard? I am not really sure but can attest that knee discomfort can ruin a person's day. I hope that he is not developing BP mom-syndrome....What is BPMS? Well, there is no cure for it. Jerry Lewis, Paul McCartney, and their fund raisers have still not heard about this pervasive crippler. In fact, there are only a few people who understand the syndrome.

Basically,  BPMS is a hurt, boo boo, or ouch-y that a person feels as he or she walks up the stairs. When trying to take two steps at a time, the person with BPMS begins to slow down and says "Ouch" then continues to climb the stairs. Currently, scientists are looking for a way to manage this pain. Sadly, funding is limited and therefore research in the prevention and alleviation of the syndrome is almost non existent. Therefore, sufferers must endure the boo-boo throughout their life time. let's applaud their survival skills.....

Yes, it's a tough road but doable. After all, it's not cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

Yesterday, I stopped at a moving sale. Neighbors were downsizing and trying to clear out their basement. Naturally, it was an opportunity to find some used items for Buddy to take to college to fill his house. he needed a dresser for his clothes, television, and book case. As Tink and I drove up to the house, the goods were picked over. There were just a few items left. Disappointed, I looked at the back of the garage and to my pleasure, there was a beat up dresser, end table, broken book shelves, and coffee table. Wow! it was everything that he needed. Now I was ready to negotiate. Here is how it is done....

BPM: "How much do you want for the dresser?"
Tired Seller: "$5.00"
BPM: "Hmmmm... how about the rest of the stuff?"
TS: "You can have it all for $20."
BPM (holding back her glee): "I see. OK, we'll take them. How about the big blue Amish star in the trash can?"
TS: "It's trash. Take it." Remember, someone's trash is someone else's treasure.

Yeah, baby....and so....we backed the car up the driveway and loaded it with the used furniture and drove home. I could not believe my luck. We almost scored their television for free, but she had promised it to another buyer. The tv was a big older model but functional and the guys could play nintendo on it. Sadly, she offered it to another college kid. No sweat...Tink and I could not lift it anyway. it was too heavy.

Now, all he needs is a television for his bedroom, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and cleaning supplies. Then he will be ready for his junior year. One last thing....whatever he brings to this house stays there. He is not to bring any of these wonderful treasures back to our home. He can sell them, give them away, or throw them out. I don't care. I just do not want to see them again. This also includes the infamous too big sofa, kitchen table and chairs, and dishes, glasses and utensils. The guys can also have a graduation sale and sell the items for $25.00 and make a profit. It's the American way....

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