Saturday, July 28, 2012


Good Morning! Such a beautiful day in the northeast. It's true that it is hot and humid, but it's July! I love the summer~

Last night the neighbors had happy and parents gathered together for juice boxes, beer, and wine. The kids played as the parents talked. It was so nice to reconnect with the gang and chat about the next gathering. Our neighbors are amazing and love getting together. I feel blessed to be here.....

I just got a call from our baseball camp counselor as he walked to the field. He was in a chatty mood and was pondering life. He reported that he was with some of his team mates last night and they announced that they were headed to a soccer party. He begged off and went back to his apartment to sleep. He posed the question to me: "Am I getting old? In the past, I would have run to the party. But last night, I wanted to sleep."

Old indeed.....let's define old...who is old? Is age a number or a state of mind? His friend from high school has become old in his thinking and is not the playful guy he once was. I told him that he was becoming his father. It happens to every guy at one point or another. Then Buddy grew very silent. Am I like dad?

Well, let's consider this phenomenon. Yes, you are like your father in some ways. But you are also like me. And, you are your own man. In other words, you are you. You have your dad's humor and my passion. Your dad is also quite serious about life as am I...but I like to have, the answer to your question is "yes and no..." Can I be more vague?

This kid is terrific as he is....he is serious about baseball, friends, and family...not so serious about school...and really not serious about his room and  property. Yesterday, he  had to stop by one of the satellite campuses to get a new photo ID. So far in two years, he has lost three. He has also lost the other key to my car, therefore, I only have one. I might be able to find it under his bed, but will need to tie a rope around my waist before attempting it. His room is fairly picked up now; but if I open the closet, a mountain of tee-shirts will fall on me and bury me as if I was in an avalanche. I would need Diva Dog to find me and pull me out.

Back to age.....age is how you are feeling at the moment. Lil A is older than her chronological age and BP Grandpop is younger than his 85 years. My advice to the big kid is to live life the best that you can. Enjoy the little and big moments and successes. Failures and bad times can creep up on you, so be prepared, but remember to follow your heart and passion. Age is simply a number. It is meaningless and unimportant. Live with passion and find your joy. Don't forget to say your prayers and be courteous. You are a lucky guy to have so many advantages and experiences. Take time to enjoy them at any age. Am I pontificating? Perhaps...but it is the way that I feel today. A person never knows when their time is over, so it is important to sit back, count your blessings, and smile.

By the way, while you are smiling, do your best to put a smile on other people's faces. Random acts of kindness generally do the trick. 

'Nuff said.....

OK, time for me to drive the Southern belle to the airport. Have a great day!

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