Monday, July 16, 2012

The Power of a Blue M & M

Good morning on this hot, sultry July day! I have to give the biggest BP mom shout out to the greatest neighbor ever....Einstein's mom who read the blog and has a television for Buddy's house. What a neighbor! Whatta friend! Whatta pal! Thanks Einstein's mom! You're the best-est! He'll be over to pick it up soon with some of the bakery's famous cupcakes.

On to the cupcakes....why is that a theme in most of my posts? Dunno....I guess that I like them like I like the monkeys especially the ones who ride on the back of sheep dogs. On Thursday night, there will be a big celebration at a local venue for charity. The best of the region's best businesses as voted upon by the readers of a magazine will be represented at a large gathering. The businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, and pubs will be there distributing their product to individuals who have paid for the privilege of attending the party. After paying for a ticket, the party goer can walk around and sample the cupcakes, cakes, pies, fish, special alcoholic beverages, entrees, pasta and so on. This is done until the attendee can no longer eat, drink, or walk. In my case, I had to be wheeled out. True, it was tough walking in my too tight jeans, but the memory lingers.

And so, Sparky, Big Sis, and I will join the Baker on Thursday night to work at the booth. We will be distributing samples of the best tasting cake in the region to whomever stops by the booth. Now that I will be manning the booth and distributing the product, I might find that I can leave on my own accord without a helping hand. I am thrilled to help out and join the fun of the celebration.

As regular readers know, the Baker creates the most amazing confections. She is also Buddy's boss who has accommodated his crazy rehab and work out schedule. He generally arrives at the bakery before 7 am and works until 2 pm, leaves, and works out until dinner. Day after day....Working at the bakery has taught the big kid a number of lessons such as the customer is always right, smile when you want to spit, and don't take what the customers say personally. The other day, a customer got angry because  he could not find his cake was in the back of the store. Of course, there is the famous blue M & M cookie story from the weekend where the customer had him look for a cookie with a blue M & M on top. A red, brown, or green M & M would not do because the blue ones have magical powers. As Sparky says: "we're not curing cancer's a cookie...." Yes, perhaps it is just a cookie, but maybe there is something that we do not know about the power of a blue M & M. Researchers are looking into its restorative powers now.

Yes, as the big kid comes home from the bakery, I noticed one odd phenomenon. Actually, it's not odd, it's weird..... It's not just weird, it's gross....yesterday as I was sweeping the garage, I noticed a trail of ants. Never wanting them in my home, I followed where they were headed. It seems that the trail of ants led to two dirty, stinky sneakers. The ants surrounded the shoes and were having a feast on the food that was crusted on them. What kind of food? How does flour, sugar, butter, carrots, apples, and coconut sound to you? To me, it is a ant-feast. It seems that the local ants invited their friends from surrounding neighborhoods and joined the festivities in my garage and in Buddy's size 13 shoes.

I am not sure what was going on, but there may have been a little ant band and little ant dance floor. There was definitely enough food to feed multiple colonies......

Which then made me regret (just a smidgeon) spraying the area with ant spray ruining their party. Not only did I spray the area but I sprayed the outside of the shoes and instructed the big guy never ever bring these confectionery ant party houses into my home. The sneakers actually have dual powers. They attract ants and they repel humans with the odor. Now that is magical.

And so, it is time for me to get some work done. I have to submit grades and finish some work for the fall. Dad has us thinking about a short vacation somewhere although we cannot agree on the location. He wants to go to Spain for a few days. Conversely, Tink and I want to go to Costa Rica and see the wild life and monkeys.  How cool would that be...sitting on a beach and having a monkey sans cowboy hat walk up to you without riding on a dog? Now, that would be a memorable vacation....BPM and her monkeys....maybe one of them will want to be my monkey friend. Perhaps I can pull out a note book and take notes on their habits. I could be a faux BPM Goodall....Come on dad.....please....pretty please! I promise I won't ask for anything ever again...never ever.....

Have a great day~

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