Sunday, July 29, 2012


Good's the last Sunday in July and I am feeling tight. What dose "tight" mean? Well, tight means that I am feeling a bit of anxiety because my slow, quiet, hot summer is coming to an end as I watch the Back-to-School ads on television. I love the the the freedom....and love having the kids home with me.

Sure, I know that I may complain a bit about ant-laced sneakers, mounds of laundry, a trail of crumbs from the kitchen to the bedrooms, and the cars left without gas...but is the only time that we can have some family time without the pressures of school and baseball. I also get to sneak a hug or two in when no one is paying attention....

And so, what is going on in BPM's life? Oy! The big kid must have called a dozen times yesterday when he realized that his dorm room room mate was going to be the married with one kid crazy pitching coach. he had a meltdown because he did not want to room with a coach. In fact, he was pretty salty when he called six or seven times about it. The reason he was assigned the coach as his room mate was due to the assignments being made in alphabetical order.

Now, he is calling with statements like: "I can't believe that I have to room with the coach...." "This is the craziest thing ever..." "I am not spending time in the way..."

Finally, I had to put an end to the rants and said: "Dude, do you think that he wants to room with you? Think about it...he got the raw end of the deal. Feel sorry for him and not yourself...." Hey, teach him the Skittles Challenge game....


I guess he did not want to consider the comfort and feelings of the coach. Nope, it was all about him. Isn't it always?

On to the end of the afternoon as I received a  call from the leftie..."Mom, I told the coach that we were room mates and he had a fit....he said: 'no way'" And that is all it took. The coach and Buddy now have their own dorm rooms and life is good.

Let's consider the coach now. Once he found out that he had to stay with a knucklehead like Buddy, he threw a fit (sound familiar) and changed the assignments. I could say: "hey, what's wrong with living with my son in close quarters?" But I won't....'cause I have had to stay in hotel rooms with him and I get it. Coach....I felt your pain. Use your influence to make the change so that you are comfortable. Guess what? Both the Coach and Buddy have private rooms now....this was a stroke of luck and big kid should be counting his blessings....Meanwhile, yesterday I had to live with his crazed phone calls about sharing a room. Can anyone spell 'entitled?' or 'spoiled' ?

Let's go back in time when I shared a small bedroom with my two sisters, Big Sis and Scooby. Yep, there we were in this tiny room together....Finally Big Sis got her own little closet of a room and Scoob was my room mate. She was actually very easy to live with. She has a laid back personality as we added Peter Frampton posters to the wall. I think that she may have had a David Cassidy, but I blocked it out.

I would not change the years in the little bedroom because I learned to live in a small space and get along with others. Scoob, Big Sis and I remain very tight and it all started in the days in the little room in the front of the house....By the way, there was no air conditioning....the room was small and hot...we learned to be quite forgiving in those days. One note....we had eight people in the house and one bathroom (that's a few postings in the future)....

And so, life continues to teach us lessons in patience, kindness, and understanding. It is unpredictable and uncertain....Memo to my children: This is the way that it goes...some days you are assigned to a private room and other times you are stuck in close quarters with a person who will some day become your best friend. Get over yourself and learn that life is not fair...but everything always works out.


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