Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Day

It's been a busy few days as the preparations for college continue. On Saturday, Dad picked up the rental van  to move the furniture back to college. It spent the week in the garage and has lost its lease...time to go. Then I took the big kid shopping to buy things for the house. What things? Well, we headed to the Dollar Store and naturally spent more than a dollar. After filling four bags we moved onto.....

HHGregg, Lowe's and Target searching for a little fridge for his bedroom. Why does he need a bedroom refrigerator when he has a big one on the first floor? I dunno....why not? His response was that he did not want to share his Gatorades.....hmmm....

Then it was time to load the van and the SUV and take the three hour trip to campus. It was a tough trip since I could not see out the back window since the car was overloaded but Tink and I made it unscathed and parked in front of the "dream house".....and a dream it is....

As I looked at the house from the street, my mind reverted to my college days and I would have killed for this house. It has a front porch, four bedrooms, a decent size kitchen, big living room, and back enclosed porch and morning room. It was and still is....a wonderful place to live and attend college. Wow...BPM is overwhelmed....

Then I walked in and saw the dirt, cracked windows, mold, dust, one bathroom, and back door that had a one inch gap at the bottom. Reality hit...whew....glad that I was not going to live there.

It was time to move the furniture while the infamous sofa was waiting its turn in the rain to squeeze through the opening. Dad did not think that we could get it through but somehow with a few maneuvers, we managed to push it through and dropped it in the living room. As we worked to carry the rest of the bedroom furniture up the stairs, I could again see the beauty of living here for the next three years. The back yard is huge and there are six other houses that lead to the yard including the home of more of his team mates. This is a place where the guys can hang out while someone cooks burgers and Dog plays the guitar. Oh yeah, Buddy wanted to buy a ping pong table for beer pong, then quickly changed his mind. I think he was talking out loud and forgot who he was speaking to. As his mother, I was not going to endorse a beer pong table on the front porch. I still do not know the rules of the game and am sure that the idea is not a good one.

So, on to his bedroom. This room is in the front of the house. We squeezed the bed in and some of my $20 furniture. Einstein's mom's sweet television fit perfectly in the corner of the room as Buddy quickly set up the computer games. The mini fridge, broken dresser, and free book shelves were added. Rather than placing books on the shelves, he lovingly placed his sneakers. By the way, I did not move any books in....hmm....what the heck...not even a dictionary....does this spell "trouble" or "trubble"?

Now, let's briefly chat about the room mates. Dog took the first floor bedroom next to the kitchen. it is the biggest room but he has his musical equipment and will have to climb the stairs to use the bathroom OR run out back and use a tree.

OC will have the room directly across from Buddy. He wants to squeeze a queen size bed in the room (good luck getting it up the stairs). The bed will fit, but not much else. His parents shipped his trick out truck across country where one of the team mates picked it up at the train station for him last week. The team mate has been driving it ever since. OC will arrive from California today and will see hundreds of extra miles on his truck.

The Gopher (transfer from the Midwest) will hit town later this week while Dog returns over the weekend. I was happy that we moved Buddy in yesterday. There was no traffic and we breezed in and out without difficulty. Dad will bring him back to campus on Friday after his shoulder and eye appointment. Then he is gone.....more about that little tear balls in my eyes right now....

Have a great day!

PS: While doing ten loads of his laundry last week.....I found the "jersey" from Ohio. Now we can send it back and tear the $250.00 bill for it.


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