Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making preparations to return

A quiet morning in the BPM and the big kid drove a rented van to the apartment to pick up the bed, table and furniture, clothes, and kitchen equipment. He also has to take down the Christmas tree, pack the de-flated Irene, and pull down the chile lights that are on the bannister. Got a call from dad who reports that the apartment is disgusting and the carpet is beyond dirty. The vacuum that he took from our house can stay at the new rental. It will not come into my home ever again...and I mean ever. Guys, keep it....vaya con the way, make sure you use it at least once a month...or maybe twice....

It seems Big Red and LW have vacated the apartment but did not tidy their mess. There are dishes in the sink and bedrooms, trash strewn throughout, and caked food on the counters and sink. Therefore it is up to Buddy and Angel to clean and throw out the trash in order to get our deposit back.

 Here is my son would never have left the place a mess (with me knowing about it) for the last exiting room mate to clean because I would not have let him. Leaving the place trashed with the chile lights still hanging for the last guy to clean is very inconsiderate. It is going to take him at least two hours to clean the place, vacuum, and throw out the trash. Dad is going for a walk while the guys clean. Good for him....By the way, we are still waiting for the guys to reimburse us for the $500+ cable bill. Will we ever see it? Will we see the apartment deposit? I am not going to hold my breath on this one.

Since the house is not ready until the end of the week, the contents of the apartment are coming home. I can look at the how they look and held up over the past year. I can do an inspection to see if he needs to replace anything. Yesterday, I stopped at an estate sale and picked up a collapsible wet clothes hanger for the porch or bathroom for $2. That's my kind of sale.....

And so, we are coming to the close of a really nice summer. It's true that we did not take a vacation once again, but sometimes "stay-cations" are the best when the pace slows and we can enjoy time with each other, family, and friends. As far as I am concerned, I do not need to fly anywhere to relax. I can relax in the backyard, on my sofa, or while swimming at the Y.

Tink and I went to the beach last week for the day. We never saw any sand since the rain came and flooded parts of the Jersey shore. Oh well....Maybe next year....

We have some cool away games coming up next year. Apparently the team is going to Florida over President's Weekend and Texas for spring break week. I plan on going to both sets of games. I have been to Texas and Florida, but not as a fan of a baseball team. It should be fun....or not. We'll see how the team is since they lost three guys to the Majors.

Speaking of the Majors, I am still keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that Coach T is called up.  He has been laboring in the Minors for so long. I wonder how he keeps his anxiety in check. After all , he turned thirty this year. How much longer can he go? I know of some pitchers who play until the early forties, but the body starts to break down at some point. Will he be able to hang in there physically until he gets "the call"? I hope so.

With that said, it's time to hit the stores and pick up more supplies for Buddy's new house. He needs a shower curtain, some pots and pans, trash cans, trash bags, and so on and on and on and on and on and on.......................................

Have a great day!

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