Monday, December 10, 2012

Case Race: A Fight to Finish

Whew! What a crazy few days. Sorry that I have not written BUT my life has gotten into the way. After all, Cookie Fest IV, house decorating, work, and being Santa have consumed my time and energy. Although I have no complaints. I have deliberately chosen this lifestyle and actually love it. And are the details.....

Last week's blog ended with questions pertaining to Buddy's living situation and his need to make a decision about January and the following year. Was the decision an easy one to make? Well, in my sleepless mind, it was a no brainer. In fact, if this was a multiple choice test, he could eliminate 'B', 'C', and 'D' responses and write: "'A'", I am leaving over the holidays."

Did it happen like this? What do you think?

Here are the details......For the past 10 days, he has had his ups and downs with the guys. He is also discovering a great deal about himself as a person and student. First, he is not a true party guy...yeah, he loves hanging out with his posse, eating pizza and nachos, playing video games, and watching Sports Center and games but he also loves/craves/needs his sleep. And he needs order in his life. He does not like to "wing it" and needs a plan....He does not like to bounce people out of his house when they are black out drunk.

On Saturday night, he called to share that he was on his way to Chipotle for dinner by himself. Where were his peeps? Well, most of them were at his house playing "Case Race". It seems that there were 11 teams of 3 guys. The goal of the game was for teams to drink a case of beer as fast as they could until all the beer was gone. He did not want any part of this game and left to go to the library.

However, there was a major flaw in his plan. The key to his bedroom door broke in its lock and he had to break the door in (oye.....cha-ching....$$$$) and therefore his bedroom with belongings was open for any crazed drunken case race winner to stagger into. After cleaning vomit off the door a few times as guys tried to break in, he "forgot" that they now had entrance into his room without problem....Leaving his tacos, he ran back to the house to protect his room. Once there, he found a mountain of beer cans in the back yard as the guys threw the empties as far as they could out the broken windows. When I say 'mountain', I mean MOUNTAIN. Think....33 least 11 cases of 24 beers......It was after visualizing this scene, that I stopped listening and began to focus on Cookie fest IV again.

Cookie fest IV seemed to be a great success. I was behind in preparations and still have not taken the china out of the cabinet. At least I had paper plates. People were arriving and I was not ready even though I worked for most of the three days prior to the event. I just could not make the deadline. So, I cracked open several bottles of Middle Sister wine that I planned to drink with my sisters and began to relax. No one care that the Christmas china was not on the table. They wanted the following:
-wine, beer or lemonade
-cookies....that's it...a low maintenance crowd...but a crowd, nonetheless....

Sadly, the afternoon was a blur...and I can't report what actually happened...Most people left well fed and happy. All in all, a great success (I think). People were making plans for Cookie Fest V and VI.

I must report two major culinary faux pas's...First, the Captain Crunch Crunch was unsuccessful and actually kind of gross. I found a recipe for the CCC online and thought that it sounded good (white chocolate, Captain Crunch, salted peanuts and pretzel sticks). In theory, it looked like rice krispie treats with white chocolate...but in actuality...ew.
The second culinary faus pax was my gingerbread cookie dip for ginger snaps and graham crackers. The recipe called for butter, creme cheese, molasses, ginger, and vanilla mixed together and placed on a festive plate. Again, no one would even touch it. BP Grandpop who will sample anything left to watch the football game at Dr. G's house. Therefore, I cannot recommend mixing those ingredients for anything of other than spackling the walls at Buddy's house.

After the clean up, Tink, Diva and I sat on the sofa with the remnants of the cake and glass of wine and ate dinner quietly as I tried to remember to chew. After all, it was time for bed.

Let's contrast the two BP family parties....

BP mom had wine, beer, and lemonade....lots of food, music and laughs. No one threw their wine glasses onto the lawn or punched a hole in the wall. There was no vomit on my bedroom door or in any of my shoes. People walked out and did not pass out on the sofa. I did not have to bounce anyone out or take their keys.

On the other hand, another window was broken at Buddy's house, lots of sticky floors, and spit and vomit could be found behind the sofa and on the porch. People did not leave the house because they could not walk. As partiers planned cookie fest V, the college guys could not even plan on how they were going to get home. Instead of eating cookies, they were "'tossing them" .....

How is that "open door policy" going, gang? Oh yeah, one more thing...after three attempts, the roomies had to order more oil for the tank and heat. I am sure that most of the new oil/heat has been sucked out by the broken windows and open doors. (Ch-ching.....$$$$).

To end this lengthy post....I want the big kid to have the greatest college experience ever....however, it seems that he is not. The stress of trying not to get evicted has been overwhelming as his roomies are not thinking past their next shot and brew. Therefore, we will continue to work on an exit strategy and try to convince him that this is no way to live....he is powerless to make any change. He cannot control his home environment which is frustrating for him and for me as he calls at midnight to report on his frustrations. What does the future hold? My thought is that my bank account is once again going to take a big hit as we work to get him into more manageable surroundings. Again, it will either be because they have been evicted or he has reached his limit...or someone has 'touched' his stuff......

Time for me to work and get to the gym...cookies have a tendency to stick around...if you know what I mean.....


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