Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Learning to read lips

Good morning! It's time to wait for yet another service person to come to the house. The window guy claims that he will be here at 10:30....let's see.

We have a price on the installation which is probably less than the speaker that I blew out on Sunday while testing the lights in the outlet below the television. That's right. I blew a speaker to the television out hence, another service person has to come to the house and replace the speaker which I have been told is $299.00. Cha-ching...cha-ching....cha-ching....

I guess this means that Santa is putting a new speaker onto the back of his sleigh and I will unwrap it on the 25th. Life is pretty expensive. While shopping for Pepperidge Farm flat rolls, I noted the price is now $4.19...for flour and yeast? really? Should I start making my own deli flats? I am thinking that I can live without them.

I know what you are thinking....$ what? So what? really? Let's consider this....if deli flats are expensive...think of what you put on them...chicken salad, tuna and peanut butter. All of these foods are increasing in price. If anyone wants to start a diet, this is the time as food prices rise exponentially. There may be a time when I cannot afford a speaker, window and deli flats. Then what?

Well, I suppose, I would buy the food and not be able to hear the television,  and wear my overcoat to bed at night. When faced with a problems, you gotta find ways to overcome them.

As one of my former bosses said to me: "BPM, you don't have a have an opportunity...." I'll let you ponder what he meant by these words. After all, when you have issues and problems, the last thing that you consider is that this is an opportunity for personal growth. Frankly, I am not sure how I am growing when my neighbor uses my house as target practice and I am struggling to read lips on the tv.
I guess that this is a rant rather than a blog. So I will leave you with the profound words of BP Grandmom: "Actions speak louder than words..." At least you do not have to hear actions, you can watch them.

Or, I can share the words that I offer all young men as they consider purchasing a diamond engagement ring for their beloved: "The ring reflects the giver..." That piece of advice generally amps up the size of the ring by a quarter carat.

OK, where is the window man? Have a great day!

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