Monday, December 31, 2012

Counting blessings one at a time

Ready, set, go!

Yes, it is new year's eve and I cannot believe that there is another year in the books and checked off as done….finished….completed….no more…..moving on….forward….don’t look back…look ahead….or should we?

What is the best way to start the new year? What about the resolutions that are broken by the end of the Rose Bowl Parade? Let’s see…I think that I need to look back and see what worked and what did not. What did I learn this year? What will I do differently during 2013?

Here is what I know. I need to stop multitasking. That’s right. Once upon a time, I thought that I could multitask with the best of them. I could carry groceries and two kids across a four line highway without becoming a road pizza. I could play golf and talk to my supervisor without missing a putt. There were days when I accomplished more than as Yogi bear says: “the average bear…” but now….pooh….is all I can say.

I am missing way too much by trying to do too much. I have resolved to stop it. I am going to start tasks that are simple and finish them before I move onto the next. I resolve not to send an email when I am on the telephone. I will not have the television on when talking on the phone with family or friends. Furthermore, I will not eat or drink coffee while driving unless I am on the turnpike.

I also resolve not to bring the cell phone into the bathroom nor apply eye liner while sitting at a red light. I firmly resolve to be fully present when people are talking to me and not let my mind wander when I am listening to an important conversation. I will employ negotiation and problem solving skills and work with my students, children, and family in a calm, self assured manner.

I will look at my problems such as not being able to start the car or find a spot with Wifi as minor. The rest of the world has more difficult issues that I have and therefore I resolve to be more grateful and embrace an attitude of gratitude. Because…..

I am thankful…for everything….for the car that does not start…the bills that are mounting…the cold weather….long lines in Target….the pants that are too tight….and so on. 

I am grateful for life, my country, family, friends, and home. Problems come and go. But keeping the positive attitude can go a long way in a life that may turn out to be fairly long. If I lived in the 1800’s, I would probably be dead already. So, I am grateful that I was born when I was….
Oh yeah, after delivering a baby, I am also grateful for epidural anesthesia. And what about pretzels? Man, I am very happy that someone invented them. And the genius who invented boxed wine should be knighted. Talk about brilliant. Yeah, that’s what I said, brilliant. 

So tonight, when we celebrate the new year, I will crack open the box, pour three ounces into a wineglass and toast my many blessings in life…one at a time, since I do not want to multitask.
Happy New Year!

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