Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Midnight Practices: Why?

Hi! Well it happened as I predicted it. Before the end of the Rose Bowl parade, I broke one of my resolutions. That's right, I had a mini Snickers bar which led to two more. The problem is that someone who will remain nameless dropped two pounds of the mini bars in my Christmas stocking. Talk about torpedoing someone's good intentions. Dr. Phil would say: "Git rid of that junk..." But how can I throw out an opened bag of perfectly good Snickers bars with all of the starving people in the world? Yes, I listened to my mom even when I refused to eat my stew for dinner.

Out of all of the meals that BP Grandmom served, I distinctly remember how bad the beef stew was. Ask any of my siblings and they would concur. Even today, if you asked Scooby or Big Sis about 'stew', they would both utter "Ewww..." The guys would just grimace and remember the days when they had to sit at the  table long after dinner was over because they refused to eat it. Yep, the parents made us stay at the table until everything was eaten. Can anyone say "eating disorder?"

Ok, how is the big leftie? Well, he found Coach T in lower Delaware and has been working out with him with great success. The hours of the work out are much better than the pre-Christmas hours when he would drive to the field and use the car's headlights to illuminate the baseball mound at 5:30 am. I give him credit...this is what it takes to succeed.

Not much else going to take down the decorations. I have gotten to the point where the boxes are now in the family room. It would be nice to have some help taking them down. Tink swears that she will help me, but I am not going to hold my breath. 'Cause when I do, no one would notice that I have dropped. For example, one night Diva Dog was choking on a bone. I called Dad and Buddy to help me. Tink was screaming for help. They did not come while I was giving the dog the doggie-Heimlich now known as the abdominal fact, both claim they never heard our pleas for help. Fortunately, I was able to dislodge the blockage and Diva Dog lives on to bite the repair men and use my carpet as her personal toilet. I wish that the Dog Whisper would make an east coast house call.

And so, it is time to reconsider my resolution and work out another system. I can't let a Snickers bar derail this train. Perhaps, I can donate the rest of the bag to a soup kitchen or perhaps Buddy can take them to the baseball house when he leaves on Sunday.

Oh yeah, this means that  baseball begins with work outs during the day and team practice from 12 am to 3 am. That's right...beginning at midnight....need I say anything else on that topic? OK, I'll say one thing...a person has to be dedicated and want this more than anything in the world to go to a midnight practice. Even a five pound bag of Snickers bars would not get me out of bed at midnight to run around a field.

With that said, it's time to pack away the ornaments and angels. Have a great day!

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