Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mountain breeze

It's Saturday! Oh boy, my little vacation from work is over, Buddy is finally doing the laundry that he brought home. The clothes have overtaken the laundry room and there is a bit of an sias pas?

Good news...BP Grandpop is out of the hospital and looking forward to his 86th birthday in two weeks. Whoa...that's a lot of candles.

The big leftie is preparing to return to school tomorrow...with clean clothes, I assume. He has found alternate living arrangements for next year and will live with members of the golf team and his freshman year room mate. Is he happy? yep, today he is. I am not sure what courses he is taking, but will eventually hear as the semester begins. Over the break, he shared with us that he is going to go to law school....huh? Really?

Ok, this week, it is law school. We can add this to his astronaut, fire man, super hero, and marine biologist days. Although, he seems to like talking about legal matters and is politically in tuned. When did that happen? Usually he watches Sports Center, but the kid sat through the Presidential debates for a class assignment. I am going to congratulate this professor for inspiring him. Who says that you don't learn anything in college? 

And so, with the big kids departure, I will be sad that he is gone, but happy that he is continuing to live his dream. Legitimate practices are set to begin at midnight and go until 3 am. Who does this? I'll tell you....crazy people do it....yeah, crazy....a bit twisted. As far as I am concerned, midnight is the time for REM sleep and not throwing a baseball. If it was me, I would have my glove on my right hand and a Starbucks grande bold coffee in my left hand. Believe me, I would not spill this cup....

 Let's ponder this another step....practice is until 3 am...what do you do if you have an 8 am class? Skip it? Sleep in it? Go and put your head down and drool on the desk? Is this why you don't see many student athletes with honors? Perhaps, although I must confess....when I played tennis in college (sorry to go there), I believe that I could have had honors if I was not so tired from practices and matches...just sayin'...I did score Dean's List a few times but not a lot....ok, maybe three times...or maybe four...would you believe twice? 


With that said, I have to check to make sure that there is enough laundry detergent and dryer sheets for Buddy's clothes to smell like a mountain breeze...Have a great day!

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