Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the treadmill of life and not losing any weight

Good morning! A beautiful January day (is that possible?) in the northeast and I am getting ready to teach class tonight. It's a four hour marathon on scholarly writing and I watch my students lose their caffeine high by 9 pm, yet I have no choice per Department of Education regulations and have to keep them in their seats until 10pm. Their eyes start rolling, their heads go down, some of them nod off sleep...what's the deal? Isn't my class enough to keep them awake, alert, and oriented? Frankly, there are evenings when I am tired too but I am the chief so class goes on and on and on.....

What's new with the big kid? Well, he's back at school and readying for the season. Midnight practice sessions are scheduled, workouts, and training. He has already received most of his gear but is waiting for a new glove. When the guys are given their new clothes, they are like little kids. First, they ohhh and ahhhh the new duds, then they try them on. The next step is that they go to the internet to see how much the clothes are selling in the retail stores. After that, they call home and report that they are wearing $100+ sneakers. It's a great day for our heroes.

The Christmas break was just enough for the leftie to relax and prepare for the craziness of the season. He spoke to one of his professors yesterday to tell him about his upcoming schedule. The professor, a former football player, told Buddy and a volleyball  player to keep in touch but if they arrive back on campus at 5 am, he does not expect to see them in class, but they are to communicate with him to let him know. I guess the professor has a gold star next to his name for the athletes to select as their favorite.

Hopefully, this semester will be less frenetic than the last two. Last semester, the kid was hospitalized with mono. The semester before that, he had surgery and missed multiple classes. And so, I am sending positive thoughts his way......

With that said, the team had a meeting yesterday. After the meeting, he called his dad to report that he was the best player in the room. OK, hmmmm...let's see....the best player....When this was reported to me, guess what my response was?

I'll tell you....I said: "good for him." Why was I glad that the kid had such an ego? Well, because he needs it to do what he does. To stand out on the mound in public with thousands of people watching needs monumental confidence...uber confidence....confidence like I will never have. Somehow, in the course of this kid's life, he was given three extra portions of confidence. Good for him.....

And so, it's time for me to fill out my daily online Weight Watchers card. Huh, WW? Yep, I joined on Sunday after seeing how Dr. G lost 15 pounds with such ease. It's not about deprivation. It's really all about selections and portion size. I can still have my vanilla vanilla cake on occasion but I should no longer keep it in a glass case that says: "Break in case of emergency." Those days are gone for now, although Tink wants me to look up to see how many points a bag of Skittles is. Hmmm...I wonder...after all, the season is going to start and I am going to need my lucky sneakers, rosary, bag of Skittles and cooler full of water. Oh yeah, since my evening wine is 5 points, I am going to have to eliminate something else to achieve my goal.

After watching Al Roker interview a woman who lost 50 pounds and wrote a book about it, she mentioned a test that she gives herself when she is hungry. It is called the FLAB test which is an acronym for Frustrated, Lonely, Angry, and Bored. If she is any of the aforementioned, then she does something about her mood rather than her perceived hunger. Just the name of the test encourages me to sew my mouth shut.

Ok, gotta hit the treadmill and earn some Weight Watchers Activities points.....have a great day!

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