Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Please don't embarrass me.....

It's frigid outside! Finally a cold day in January when you need gloves, a hat, and coat. Dad never wears a coat which is odd, but then.....kidding!

So, what's up in the mountains with our favorite leftie? Well.....he finally told the guys that he was moving out and rather than being upset, they were mature about it. He explained that he felt bad that he had to cancel the parties and wanted them to live their lives as they desired. In return, he too, was going to live in a place where he was comfortable...and they all about that for honesty? Open communication? Sharing around the camp fire...thoughts....feelings....ambitions....ooops.....On to other news.

He still has not been given an assignment for a summer team. This is probably due to a number of reasons such as the pitching coach still does not trust that he has rehabbed enough. The head coach has been duly impressed with the recovery but the pitching coach who makes the summer league connections has not budged yet. Of course, this is a guy who loves Burger King whoppers and was hit in the head with a line drive, so a person may ponder his ability to make decisions.

With that said, Buddy is not panicked but is looking at his own options for the summer which includes playing in  an adult league close to home. As long as he is pitching, he does not care where he goes. However, my only request is that he does not return to Ohio. That's it....go to Hawaii, Cape Cod, Virginia, or North Carolina....but stay out of Ohio. There is nothing wrong with Ohio itself but he needs more experience and the Ohio teams were restricted in their ability to help him.

And now, we look ahead to the baseball banquet on Saturday. Hmmm...what will we see? I have been told that my son plans on sitting with us. This is a huge leap since he was mortified that we attended the last banquet. As a matter of fact, one of the senior team mates called him out on it and he saw the errors of his ways. Actually, I didn't notice until he escorted me away from his friends because I was embarrassing  him with my presence. Although...wanna talk about embarrassing?

Isn't that what your kids do in the mall when they ask for something, you refuse and they flip out? Or how about when they reluctantly answer the telephone and scream into the receiver calling you. Naturally, the person on the other end is the Dean or a co worker who sees how well you run your own home....and continuing on the notion of about the time when I sat in the stands with an old college friend who was watching him pitch with me and he threw a hissy fit when the first baseman missed a ball...then he was pulled out of the game and tore his jersey off. The crowd, mostly parents of the kids and grandparents, watched as I melted into the ground. Or, how about the times when he would freak out when he was thrown out at first base? Or questioning God when rain would cause the cancellation of a baseball I embarrassed him by asking his friends what their majors were....?
With that said, I have to find an outfit that does not scream: "I am deliberately trying to embarrass my son..." Perhaps a turtleneck that covers my face? I will leave the couture evening gowns and Jimmy Choo shoes home with the butler and maid. The limo will stay in the garage for this one trip. I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. My clothes will be pressed with no grease stains or crumbs from lunch. I will nod my head as if I am listening intently on what the person next to me is saying, but I will not open my mouth to reply. We will take a table in the corner of the room and act as innocuous as possible. If the coach speaks to us, then I will reply politely and talk about the weather. That's it...I won't pull out baby pictures or the lock of hair from his first hair cut ('cause I threw it out). Yes, it is my desire to act ordinary and blend in...although I always thought that I blended in except when I wore plastic bags on my feet in college when I could not afford waterproof boots...that's another story for another time and place....definitely not for the baseball banquet.
Gotta go and know...that daily thing that we do to earn enough money to send our kids to college as we do our best not to embarrass them....yep..that's us..... we'll never learn!

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