Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steroids: There is nothing postive about them

Hi! I am still working with Verizon to fix my telephone number. We are currently receiving calls from people who want a doctor's appointment. According to Comcast who had the number, no company can use a telephone number unless papers are signed and the number is released by the owner (me). Therefore, it was stolen, taken, or slammed (as they say in the world of tech support). And so, I will continue this battle and probably lose it at some point.

What's up with the big kid? Actually, I don't know. I have not spoken to him in 3 days. The only communication was a quick text message yesterday morning to report that his 8am class was cancelled and his day began on a positive note....only in college would a person who is paying a great deal of money for a class would not want the full value of their investment. Yahoo...class is cancelled! Yeah, well, guess what? I paid for that class and you're going to sit in that class room and study....get it?

Today during aqua zumba, I started to think about the baseball Hall of Fame voting and how no player was voted in....upon pondering it further....I am actually happy that they were sent a message from the little people like us. The message is that you cheated to achieve the statistics whereas someone who did not use steroids did not and therefore was not given the fame, glory, and money that the cheaters did. They polluted the game for the people who enjoyed its purity. Should they be voted into the Hall of Fame in the future?

As far as I am concerned, the answer is "no"! How many other guys followed the rules and did not have the batting averages, home runs or earned run average that the cheaters had? Most of them....sure you can level the playing field by giving every player steroids, but then that ruins the sport. Here is the way it is supposed to be....

A guy or girl is born with some athletic ability....they grow up and work hard to train, eat well, and participate in games. They sacrifice a normal life to travel to games and work out. They have no time for extra curricular activities as their lives are their sports. Then they either "make it" or they don't....then they have to figure out what to do the rest of their lives. Through it all, they did not take performance enhancement drugs and followed the rules. For the few that make it, they are looked upon as possibly having used the steroids. In other words, their accomplishments are tainted even though they did not participate in anything illegal.

Look at the Phillies catcher, Carlos Ruiz.....he had a record breaking year....he was applauded and cheered. Look...he's great....then in the off season, he was suspended for failing a drug test. Now what? Yeah, I will tell you...anyone who has an exceptional year, I will always think that maybe they had cheated. That, my friend, is how the sport has been tainted....for all the people who work hard and followed the rules....

And so, this Hall of Fame vote sends a clear message to all current and future athletes..."Don't cheat". It's not worth it.. Or is it... Barry Bonds as he continues to fight another battle in court.

Call me crazy, but if he is guilty, then lock him up, take away his records, and send a message to any guy or girl who has a syringe in their hand and is contemplating taking steroids....Just do one more crunch.....more time on the treadmill....throw the ball more.....find another trainer...but for Pete's sake...put the needle down and do it the right way.....


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