Saturday, January 19, 2013

Heating up the pool

Good Saturday morning! I hope all is well in your corner of the world. It's frigid but dry here, so no big deal. All we have to do is wear an extra layer of clothing when going out. Although on Saturdays, Tink and I go to Aqua Zumba and I must confess, with the cold temperatures, it is going to take the promise of eating a huge piece of cake to get me into a bathing suit and travel to the Y in these cold temps.

And a large piece of cake is coming my way if I play my Weight Watchers points the correct way, which includes attendance at AZ class. Tomorrow we celebrate BP Grandpop's 86th birthday with the family. How great is that? What does an 86 year old want for his birthday? Well...the guys still has all of his hair (mostly black and some gray) and those things are covered by great genes and care for the body...but what else could a person possibly want?, Tink, BP Grandmom and I took him to see the movie Les Miserables on Thursday. The screen was very large and the music was so loud that he claimed that he could have turned his hearing aid off and still heard the production.

I liked the movie although the cinematography made me queasy. I get motion sickness and the way the camera moved so quickly, I got dizzy and nauseated. Yep, that's me, getting sick just watching a movie. By the way, Les Miz was a good movie to take the folks since there was no cursing or nudity. Ok, a bit of violence during the French Revolution, but no one had their heads or appendages blown off. So, it's a good movie to bring senior citizens who want more action than Bambi can give them....although I never understood why in every Disney film, the mother seems to die to begin or continue the story...aren't mothers needed to tell a story? Do we have targets on our backs in cartoons? By the way, I hope that this does not spoil the movie for you...but..the mother dies....naturally...need her dead to tell a compelling story...uh huh.

Anyway, speaking of parenthood, the big kid had a great night last night as he went to the movies with friends then home to chill out. This is the kind of entertainment that best suits him. After the rugby melee last week, I think that he is laying looooow....and liking it.

He reported that he threw well yesterday and that the head coach actually complimented him. The coach said that he thought that Buddy was basically done with baseball when he saw him throw in the fall. But now he claims that he is back and better than ever. This made the big leftie a very happy man since his pitching coach never compliments him or makes comments to him. He realizes that he has to be his own advocate since the pitching coach seems so apathetic. hey, if the head coach is happy, who cares about his assistant?

There was also some levity in the mountains this week as there was a significant snow fall. Someone had created a snow man in the front of the house, added a can of chewing tobacco in one hand, a beer in the other hand and a baseball cap on top of the head. Then a sign was posted on the snowman with the coach's name on it. Ooopps.....better melt that snowman and fast. I doubt if the coach would be happy to see this portrayal of him land up on the front page of the student newspaper. I doubt the athletic director would find the humor in it....just sayin'
Anyway, it is time for me to do some deep breathing....layer up, grab my towel and aqua shoes (yeah, I have them. Even though I swim, I am still a germphobe....and get queasy with motion....and a whole bunch of other things that you can poke fun of...)....and start the car. The instructor starts the class out with the song..."Hey Sexy Lady..." OK, what's wrong with this picture as the song is playing with the geriatric crowd shimmering in the cold water and the teenage life guards laughing at us? Could anything be more humiliating? Uh, yeah...tossing your cookies in a movie theater for one....have a great day!

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