Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Good morning....we had a bit of snow last night but not enough to make a difference in our lives as there is nothing to plow, shovel, or plod through. BP Grandpop probably does not have to put on his ice cleats to make it to church today.

The title of the blog today is 'ambushed'. What is the reason for this cryptic title? Well, I guess as I look back on last week, I can firmly say that I was ambushed in my own home....and here is how....

One late afternoon, I was working at  my desk in my office and minding my own business. I was in the zone as I graded paper after paper. Life was good as I worked diligently to catch up on grades, when suddenly the door bell rang distracting me from my goal. I begged Tink to answer it but she was in her own zone trying to calm the dog. Running to the door, there they stood.....not one, not two, but three little girl scout brownies and their oh so cute blond mama. I looked at the little group and knew that I was sunk.....

They smiled and handed me the dreaded list....you know the list....the one with every girl scout cookie available on the market, the price, and a pen. Looking at the trio, I knew that I could not order one box, or two, or even three. Oh no....I had to order one box of each cookie and another case of thin mints for dad's office. That's right. Me, on Weight Watchers, ordering over two cases of girl scout cookies.

Why? WHY? I'll tell you why....calm down...OK, I ordered the cookies because of a number of reasons....first...I was that little girl scout at one time. Except for the two other girls and the mom, I traveled light with one of my brothers or little sister, the case of cookies in my hand, and a desire to sell all of the cookies except one box of mints which I planned on eating after explaining to the folks that no one wanted to buy them.

Second, these little girls were so darn cute, I could not turn them down for anything....want my car? wedding ring? pin number to my ATM account? Their smile had me at "hello"....

Lastly, I was very vulnerable as I was on week two of WW. I looked at those cookies and knew in an instant that they were my diet kryptonite. Yep, I was going down on cookies...or perhaps a better way to put it is that my weight was going up.....I am pretty sure that there are no low fat girl scout cookies....yeah, pretty sure.

And now, with the promise of two cases being delivered to my house this week, I have to use every bit of resolve and commitment to not open the cookies and begin to give them out as birthday, Valentine's Day and perhaps late Passover hostess gifts. I would be nuts to keep them in the pantry since I really want to fit in those pants that are hanging in my closet before the baseball season.

And now, I face the hardest task of the new year. How can I possibly allow these fat laden detectible cookies into my own home while I am in such a weakened state...not physically...I feel great...no, mentally...I have not crunched down on pure sugar with additives and trans fats in over two weeks and have actually lost weight without much thought. Yep, it's a dilemma, but I think that I can conquer it with the Serenity Prayer and maybe a stomach flu.

With that said, I look forward to this weekend's Kick-off baseball banquet on campus as I will fill the trunk with Buddy's dress shirt and tie, Timberland boots that he casually forgot, and multiple boxes of girl scout cookies for the guys. On each box, I will beg them to eat them or use the thin mints for the snow men's eyes that they construct with each snowfall. Other uses for the cookies could be to put a few under the leg of a table that is not balanced, crumble the Tag-a-longs and sprinkle them on a tuna casserole, use pureed do-si-dos as a skin moisturizer, and the samoas to tenderize meat.

Time to get to work...have a great day!

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