Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ok, sports fans....I am sorry that I have not written, but there has not been too much to report...until now....

Guess what? My phone number has been re-routed to a doctor's office and I now need a new line in the house. Yep, that's right....stolen. Right from under my did it happen? Well, the last hour and half that I have spent with verizon's tech support personnel still cannot tell me how or why,  but a doctor's office now has my line. According to my friend on the other line, my phone has been "slammed". That means another provider took my line without permission. The issue is now in Verizon's legal department. Oh, yeah...while I was on the line with my new friend from tech support, he noted that I was paying full price for the premium channels and wanted to know why...hmmmm...'cause I have to? Well, he just gave me half price on HBO and all I need are some decent movies on those channels and we can call this a deal.

So, what's happening in the mountains? Well, let's see....oh, I know...the big kid is getting his new glove. This is huge and means a number of very important things:

1. he's still on the team even though he was red-shirted last spring
2. he will be playing this spring
3. he gets something brand new
4. the glove has to be treated and broken in which means that it is rubbed with oil and placed under his mattress...don't ask.....
5. they still want him to pitch
6. the season is upon us and it's time to be mentally and physically prepared....

Actually, I am pretty excited. Last year at this time, we prepared for Florida. This year, we head to Tennessee, Virginia and Texas during the preseason. Blue Devil and Chill will join us in Virginia and Baker and Sparky will be on the Texas trip.

Although I must confess, we were also excited last year and that's when the big kid injured his arm. But it's all behind him now. Thank goodness. He went through a tough year, had to really do a great deal of soul searching, and re-committed himself to his sport. Although something very mature happened at the same time....he picked another major that seems to be a field in which he has a great deal of interest. That is, he wants to go to law school. This fascinates me since I thought that as soon as he was done with undergrad, he would head for the hills, grab an entry level job in some corporation, and coach little league. But no, he wants to join the legal system and prosecute the bad guys. Hmmmm...that's all I can say....

He called the other night and reported that he likes his management class  'cause the professor will teach him how to motivate people. I love this one. After he told me this, I shared that I teach leadership and know all of the theories but can't seem to get Tink out of bed in the morning, the dog to stop barking at the mail truck, dad to come home on time, and for Buddy to pick up his wet towels off the floor. Perhaps if I start each motherly request with: "According to MacGregor's Theory Y, you want to clean the dishes because it is the right thing to do and you want to do the right thing. You will derive a great deal of satisfaction if you abide by the rules of the house." Perhaps, I will begin to talk in theory rather maternal talk such as "For the last time....pick the socks up off the floor or I will toss it out the window...." 

With that said, I am still on hold with verizon and need to plug my cell phone in before the battery dies and I lose my connection with the one tech guy who seems to understand my problem. By the way, I have been on hold so long, I could have roasted a turkey and made the trimmings.....

Have a great day!

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