Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Searching for meaning

Good morning! A rainy day in the northeast and I am thankful that the precipitation is not snow. At any point, we can have sleet and let's hear it for Mother Nature! Thanks for the rain!

What is going on in the world of BP mom? Well, I end my marathon cycle of classes in preparation for the baseball season. All of the intense work was worth it. As I finish the classes this week, I do not have to step into another classroom until late May. This gives me the freedom and flexibility to move around the country to watch/observe baseball games.

Last year, as most readers know, the season ended before it began, with an injury that had been misdiagnosed multiple times. After hard work, great doctors, and rehab, the kid is ready to go...but is his mind ready? Who knows? I don't think anyone will know until he finally hits the mound during competition.

Another question people may have is what was the fall out from the Saturday night/Sunday morning melee? Well, let's seems that the big kid learned something very important. it's something that I have said for the past few years but it did not penetrate the granite like substance in his mind. I had to chuckle when he said: "I think that I need to hang out with different people. I am going to be judged by the group that I hang out with...." Uh huh...never heard that one before, yet I was thrilled to hear it come out of his mouth.  As a result, he is on a mission to turn things around and perhaps (just perhaps) join a service club or two on campus.

Huh? really? service? Yes, you read this one right. He is going to find a way to lead a more fruitful life and find his niche outside of baseball. I guess that the big kid is growing up because if he is true to his word, then he is turning into the man that I always knew he could/would be.

And so, I will keep you posted on his quest to be a "stand up guy." it should be interesting as he explores the world of regular people. You know who regular people are....these people are normal men and women, young adults, and teens who work hard, give to the community, hang out playing hoops on a Friday night or gather for pizza and a football game on a Saturday afternoon. Regular people have no special athletic abilities, were given participation trophies as kids,  and are not given any special kudos for catching a ball. In fact, regular people generally miss the ball when it is thrown at them or they throw is back and miss their target. Regular people are not on television unless they are at a parade or caught on tape cheering at a basketball game, and wash their own cars. Lastly, regular people make their own cakes and cupcakes and do not have trainers who massage their arms and backs after a game.

So, let's hear it as Buddy leaves his dis-comfort zone and the only world that he really knows....empty kegs, bar room brawls with rugby players, and finding his bed at 4 am. I, for one, am going to enjoy 'Man's Search for Meaning....'

Have a great day!

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