Friday, January 4, 2013

Living to love; loving to live

Good morning! It's been a rough week in the BP Grandparents household with BP Grandpop in the hospital. No worries, he is being sprung today and will be home by mid morning. In the meantime, BP Grandmom spent days and nights by his bedside never leaving him except to return home to take a shower. That's it...24/7 (minus one hour for freshening up). I give kudos and 'props' to Grandmom and Grandpop who are so devoted to one another that they tough it out in the hard hospital chairs caring for each other. I showed Pop a few Christmas pictures the other day and he said: "Doesn't your mother look beautiful in that sweater?" The answer is: "yes, she does...." However, the guy swells with love and pride when he looks at Grandmom's photo. This, gang, is what it is all about....

What do I mean by 'all about'? Well, to have someone ignore their comfort and personal needs to care for their loved ones is the path to happiness. It's not about's about what we can do for one another. It's all about love.

As I tell my kids..."love is a verb, not a noun..." There is no need to overuse the word in a sentence, but you can use it in your daily actions with one another and your neighbor.

It's true that I am a bit sentimental today, but watching the folks this week care for each other in the hospital was not only eye opening, but expected. Over the years, I have watched their devotion to each other and have measured all relationships against theirs. I guess that they have been our role models when it comes to how to love one another and live life.

OK, enough of the mushy stuff. I have to load the car with soup and pasta for when Pop and Mom return home. It's time to care for them. Ma: you earned a looong nap....go take one and I'll take the first watch......

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