Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The new me

Hello! It's time to shake the blues and get back to finishing preparations and picking the big kid up at college. I refused to leave earlier than 1 pm since I have a long awaited appointment with a nutritionist. That's right....someone who knows food and can help me to construct meals in a more healthy manner.

Now, why would I want to do this? Well, I did take a nutrition class in college but I forget everything that I learned except that my professor fed her children hot dogs for breakfast. I am at the point in life where I am not sure what is what. Television, magazines, and websites are boasting creative menus and a variety of diets but I want to do something healthy.

Last year, I was on the belly fat diet. Yes, it worked. Then I injured the knee and ate without exercising. One year, I used Jenni worked for Valerie Bertinelli and me, but eventually, the weight came back. Now it is time for a more holistic approach and learn to eat what I like within reason. Dr. G used Weight Watchers online and lost 15 pounds. Yes, he looks pretty good. Now it is my turn and I am ready. Sitting in my stretch pants, I have decreed that January is the month of working out, eating right, and regaining my lost waist line.

And so, my new friend the nutritionist has already made some enemies as the family is dreading the "new me." The new me will be the person who does not pick up donuts on Sundays and cupcakes at the bakery. The new me will serve fruit for dessert and salads as a main meal. Yes, I feel the pounds drop off already....

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