Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook and the search for humanity

Today, I am having trouble focusing on holiday plans, grading, students, and family. My thoughts drift north to Connecticut and the people who have experienced a nightmare of epic proportions.

The tragedy in Sandy Hook is horrific. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that each community member is experiencing. I, for one, feel that I am mourning each life that has been lost. It is incomprehensible and senseless.

Buddy was as crazed as I was when he heard about the tragedy and cried for the children as did the rest of the nation. Then he sent to me a link that has helped me a great deal to see the world as I had before the shooting. Click here to be renewed.

As anti gun crusaders seek to ban assault weapons, let's consider how the lack of mental health services continues to impact our world as it is close to impossible to access needed counseling. Could a counselor have picked up the signs of mental illness, isolation, and desperation? You bet. So, as we continue to spend money wantonly by our government and fall off the financial cliff, let me pose a question....

Mr. President, I see how you have been affected by the shootings. can you please designate monies to communities for the marginalized and mentally ill members of our society? They need identification and help. If they do not get the services they need, then the rest of us will as we grapple with the next tragedy.

My thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with the community of Sandy Hook. May God bless these broken individuals and world during this time of extreme sorrow.

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