Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sug-eine support groups

Good Morning! it's Tuesday and I have to think about what to wear to work. The reason that this is such a dilemma is partly due to Cookie fest eating, eating, eating, and drinking. You know when a person has too much liquor, someone usually takes the keys? Well, I think that it is time to develop a policy on trying to function on too much caffeine and sugar. I know believe that this combination can be equally deadly as too much alcohol.

Think about the effects of too much "sug-eine"...

Symptoms to note when a person has had to much sugar and caffeine are:

  • euphoria
  • over alertness
  • giddiness
  • the need to imbibe in more and more and more
Once the eating has ended, a person's blood sugar drops precipitously leaving them in a state of somnolence or near coma. That's right...it's time to take the keys. The drop in glucose and side effects can also be detrimental to operating heavy machinery, driving, or even trying to finish/start Christmas shopping. There are twelve step programs for sug-eine addicts and this time of year, you can't find an open chair in S-E meetings.  I may try to establish my own support group. I need a sponsor who will stop me from taking the third, fourth, and fifth cookie. At this rate, there will be no cookies in the house for Santa. We all know that the  man in the red suit (stretchy, naturally) gets cranky if there are no cookies by the fire place.

Speaking of fire places....we were never allowed to have a fire on Christmas eve. The kids felt that Santa would be burned trying to drop off the presents. And so, that little tradition ended when they knew about stop, drop, and roll.....The kids were not going to take a chance of picking up their gifts at the Burn Unit.

With that said, I have one hour to pick out some stretchy (naturally) pants that make me feel that I am hiding my cookie fest weight and try to hit the treadmill and shower before leaving for work.

Have a great day!

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