Monday, December 3, 2012

Good and bad ideas run in the family

Good evening! This is a late one since the days are packed with work and activities. Sure, I played tennis this morning with the what? I also worked, took two cars in for service, went to the pharmacy for a prescription that needs to be reordered and therefore was not ready, stopped at the bank, answered a number of calls, walked the dog a few times, paid a neighbor for a gift basket for another neighbor whose mother passed away, stopped at WalMart and the Dollar Store, put gas into the car, was harassed by unnamed individuals who make my life much more "colorful", spoke with the big kid, made dinner, and tried to put the finishing touches on a project that I am working on with BP Grandmom. Fortunately, I started the day with the usual Starbucks grande pike and had enough caffeine to make it until I finish my last load of laundry.
So, what else is new? Well, BP Grandmom and I have been working on this project for the front door for the past few weeks. Here is my stupid idea:
1. Take a four foot lit artifical Christmas tree
2. Sew a large red felt banner to adhere the tree to
3. Decorate the tree with tinsel, balls, and lights
4. Surround the tree with gifts such as a bear, balls, and a train...maybe a cute doll
5. Place on the front door with a spotlight on it.
Sounds easy right?

WRONG! Here is my numbskull idea and how I dragged poor grandmom into it. I thought that with her sewing skills, she could create a heavy banner and we could sew the tree on to it. Right? Sure....the banner was not so bad until we filled it with this cottony stuff to keep the tree from damaging the door during strong winds. Once the banner was sewn, we had to hem it and add the rods to hang it. At the bottom of the banner (it is 5 feet long), we added rocks to make sure that it did not curl. Great idea...right?

WRONG! Moving on, we could not push the needles through the bulky fabric and actually broke a needle. I have puncture marks in both of my hands and my left thumb needed a band aid. Grandmom's brilliant idea was to  use wire to adhere the tree to the thick banner. Yes, fingers bleed when wire punctures them. Yes, a person can break into a sweat sewing an artificial Christmas tree onto a red felt banner. No, we still are not finished with the project.

What made us want to tackle such an endeavor? Perhaps we really did not consider how hard it would be to sew a tree onto a banner. Perhaps, I did not think this project all the way through....perhaps we are the way, BP Grandmom was all for the project, so I will now go on record and blame her. That's right. If she had said that I had a stupid idea, it would have stopped the process. But no...she went along with it and came up with the sewing wire into the banner.

So, what's next? Well, we are not going to stop until we drop. Yep, that means that I am going to attempt to complete the project then place it on the front door. When it is done, I will take a photo to show all readers. Then you can see how I should stick to my day job OR hire the Christmas decorators that my neighbors use. Yeah....give someone money to take on my ideas. How corporate...right?

By the way, BP Grandpop wanted to help us but since he is on anticoagulants, I kept him away from needles. I wasn't sure that I could stop the bleeding if he was punctured by the wire or needles.

Oye! Too much to consider...time to fold the laundry. The caffeine is wearing off.....later!

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