Thursday, December 13, 2012

To party or not to party? That is the question

Good morning! It's a great day! Or is it? Whazzup, BPM?

OK, I'll share...last night an email was forwarded to me sent by my son. It seems OC has planned a huge blow out party called "SL--" fest. This has nothing to do with cookies and everything to do with young inebriated women and guys getting together and having fun that they cannot remember. Despite my son's constant pleadings, his roomies decided that they were going to have a huge party during exam week and destroy the house.

Buddy was making plans for spending the weekend at a friend's house so that he did not have to be there and would not be present to bounce drunks and clean up.

As I read the e-mail, I was, not, not not miffed....I was LIVID!!!! I saw blood, guts, and fireworks when I finished reading the note that was sent by someone who did not even live in the house.

This is too much...over the top...and wrong.

Look, I love a good party. I crave a great party. I think gathering family and friends is the best way to spend time. BUT there are limits and restrictions.

First, when I plan a party, I do not seek to ply guests with so much alcohol that they forget their names.

Second, I prefer to meet people who know that the word 'party' ends with a 'y' and not an 'ie'.

Third, I do not nor ever will serve alcohol to a minor...ever....this is a recipe for disaster. yet, the college system is built around the guys/gals who turn 21 and can run to the liquor store for the younger kids. They obviously are not thinking...ever...exams? Yeah, right.

My girl friend's son was in an altercation at a party (everyone was drunk, naturally) and hit a guy who was pushing him. The kid fell backwards and hit his head. He was then rushed to the hospital. Guess who was arrested and spent the night in jail? The kid who was defending himself....Guess who spent thousands of dollars defending her son in court and was sued by the drunk kid's parents? My girl friend.....yep..that's right. The legal system does and does not make sense...Whatever.

And so, once I calmed down, I put it out of my mind until this morning when the big kid called. It seems that he was able to convince the roomies not to have the party because it is exam week and they are on the cusp of being ineligible for the baseball team. Obviously, he did his best Oliver Wendell Holmes and convinced the guys to have their "sl---" party next year when he is  on the road with the team (two of the guys will not be on the travel squad)....amen....

Tonight, he has an exam at 6p. If he scores an "A", his gpa will rise...yeah, seems that he now is thinking law school post graduation. Yeah, I know. I was surprised too....but, this week is law week may be glass blower or botanist.....

Gotta run to work....

Peace out!

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