Monday, December 17, 2012

Musings on joy

As a nation, we are still saddened by the Connecticut tragedy, but I cannot help thinking that we should not lose our joy. The loss of our children and sisters has been overwhelming, yet trying to stay joyful has been a challenge. My thoughts and prayers are with the Sandy Hook community, but I am going to try to work through the sadness and grief and seek ways to promote peace in my own world.

There is a great deal that we can do as a society to balance the evil and wrong. For example, bring food to a food bank or homeless shelter. Contribute money to the Santa's ringing the bells in the cold for the Salvation Army. Bring a hot meal to a shut in. Visit an elderly person in a nursing home. Bake cookies for the new parents. Send a letter or card to a member of the armed services. Donate your time to an animal shelter. And offer to take the sick to the doctor's office.

Yes, there is a great deal that we can do as individuals to bring peace and joy. During this time of the year, it's not about what we get but what we give. Again, focus on the good, not the evil. Take its power away and do good. This can reverse some of the damage done by those intent of stealing our joy.

Have a wonderful day!

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