Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Good morning! The US Golf Open is over and I feel a bit bad for Phil M. However, after watching most of his play, he had opportunity after opportunity to pull away and was unable to do it. Did he choke? Hmmmm...good question.

Here is my take on it. This guy and the others are the top of the profession. They would not have gotten there if they choked or let their nerves get the best of them. Yet, I can't help but think  that each one of them are still human beings who think and feel like the rest of us. Therefore, perhaps nerves did get the best of him. Only he can respond to it and I hope that he has an excellent sports psychologist as his private masseuse massages his arm and back while he sips Dom Perignon on his

private plane.    

I am my own shrink and can tell you that I talk to myself all the time. When under stress, I talk aloud. There are times when I am driving with Tink and talk to myself. She'll say: "stressed?" And with that, I realize that my inner musings are being heard by my daughter. Hopefully she cannot follow my crazy brain and psuedo-rants.

Ok, on to the big kid. What's he up to? Well, he is also trying his body out with yoga. He, like me, is not ready for hot yoga, but I am going back. I am not going to fail at this one. It's a challenge and I am going to try to overcome it. My plan is to do 50% of the maneuvers today and work my way up to 90%. I have eliminated curling on my back with my palms on the floor and my stomach is in the air. First of all, the yoga instructor does not need to look at my red contorted face as I try to place my body in a position where it can freeze or snap my spine.

And second, I just don't get why this position is so important. I like my arms and back the way they are and they do not need to be extended over my head in a position ready for the gymnastics team. I will leave that up to the Fab Five.

And there is absolutely nothing that will change my mind. I wouldn't even do it for $50,000....perhaps I would think about it for $100,000.....and definitely mull it over for $1,000,000, but I will absolutely go on record and say...the over the head crab walk is best left to the crabs.

And now, it is time for me to get to work. My classes will not teach themselves, although there are times when my students say......


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