Monday, June 3, 2013

Twitter message: Rumor or fact?

Good's raining and watering my weeds. That's right, I have more weeds than flowers at this point. I pulled as many as I could yesterday but sadly, they continue to grow and grow. As I pulled some new three leaf weeds, I wondered if they were poison ivy. I guess time will tell....yikes.


How's the big kid today? Well, he's not too bad. I would have thought that this would have been awful as his trip to Texas was postponed but he seems to be quite happy. Although.....

On Saturday night, dad's partner whom we call Uncle P sent me a text message. Usually, the texts are to needle me about something that I did, like spend too much money on something stupid. Dad likes to complain to Uncle P about these things...or the time when I was bidding on a retro University baseball jersey with Buddy's number on it. Uncle P decided that he too would bid on it. The jersey jumped from my bid of $30 to $ 75 in a five minute period. By the time the online auction was over, I spent $140.00 on a baseball jersey that was worn several years ago by another player. yet, it was my son's number, so all was well....thanks Uncle P. 

OK, so I kept you waiting long enough...what was the text about? Well, he was on Twitter and it seems that Buddy's baseball coach is either going to be fired or he will resign within the next week. This is huge news although not completely unexpected. What does this mean? Let's consider it....
The coach who recruited my son, left him in the bullpen, created a system in which multiple players were injured with flawed technique, and who ignored positive drug tests is leaving the university.

This is probably a good thing. After all, there is not a great deal of integrity here, based upon my limited perceptions. I realize the coaches at all levels are not warm and fuzzy, communicate well, or are even intelligent. But this guy who had the background and experience to be great, fizzled.

In the three years that I have watched the team, excellent prospects were brought in to play, but none of them got any better. Take Big Red who is an awesome athlete and was heavily recruited throughout the US, he could not hit the ball this year until the end. Also, look at poor Gopher, whom they brought in from Minnesota. This guy batted .000 all year (which means that he had no hits) until he hit a double at the end of the season. He was relegated to catch in the bullpen after an awful start. He was never spoken to or given extra help by the coaches. In other words, he was placed on the back burner. And what about Buddy, who had surgery last year? Not one coach contacted him to see how he was doing post operatively. This was sad and their lack of communication spoke volumes.

And so, if the rumors are right and the coaches are gone, a new sheriff is riding into town. OK, what will he be like? The recruiting season is over for next year, so he will have to deal with the current crew of guys that are on the roster. Will he be a teacher? A mentor? A yeller? A bat thrower? Can he make cookies or a cake? I have no idea, but after seeing the apathy of the past years, I, for one welcome the new regime.

What does the big kid say? Well, he's a happy guy if the pitching coach leaves. You know the guy, who walked to the mound and told him that he was embarrassing himself....he expelled gas in the kid's face and called him a psycho....stormed out to the mound and told him that he was a junior and he can fix his own problems. Yes, the nice, southern boy who spent time recruiting the kid. He turned out to be quite strange....out of his element....perhaps even, dare I say it? Inept.....

And now, time will tell what is going to happen. Once again, we are in for another convoluted, crazy, wild ride. It's never boring, often strange....and typical of my life. As the rumors turn out to be legitimate or false, I will be typing away sharing my take on it.

Rain is over, time to pull more weeds.....have a great day!

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