Monday, June 24, 2013


Good morning! This is a quickie since I have to get out of the house in 15 minutes to drive to campus. We are finally going to sign a lease for an apartment today. It will have one bedroom and bathroom. No room mates? Why? "Cause the big kid has had enough and is ready to put on his big


boy pants.

With that said, I am ready for the trip. By the way, there are lots of rumors pertaining to who will be the next coach. It seems that the person on the top of the list is from Virginia. More about that as details unfold.


This weekend, he made a few extra dollars doing something that I thought was unique. He became a paid designated driver. Yes, he was paid by Big Sis to pick up his cousin M in town and deliver him to a safe location. He also picked up a girl who was an acquaintance  and her spouse who said that she would be calling him on a regular basis. Here is how it works..he picks the par-tiers up at their home and drops them off at a corner. When they are ready to come home, they text him and he picks them up at a predetermined location. In other words, he is a taxi service. But he's also doing a good thing by protecting individuals from getting into a car when they can barely walk. All in all, three sets of people win....the par-tiers, my son who earns money for his taxi services, and the other people on the road who are safe from drunk drivers. His one policy is that if they vomit in his car, they have to pay to clean it and for detailing it.  

Kudos to Dr. G. He finished a triathlon which I uttered: "why?' To the answer of: "Why not." "Nuf said. He looked pretty beaten up afterwards. However, something like that is quite a feat.

On to look at apartments! Caio!

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