Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good bye house of mold

Good morning. The US Golf Open is in town and let's say that the roads are clogged, restaurants are full, and finally we have some sunshine. Tomorrow I have to work and drive in the vicinity of the golf tournament. People are parking in lots 30 miles away from the event and are being shuttled to the golf course. It's fascinating and infuriating at the same time. Good luck to all of the golfers, tourists, golf junkies, and club house workers. This is a pretty huge deal in the world of golf.

What's happening in BP mom world? Well, I made the trip to campus yesterday with the big kid. His goal was to speak with the trainer about his new regimen and how he was not going to be lifting weights over his waist anymore. Cra-zee....

And so, in the rain, we made our trip in three hours while first stopping for gas and Starbucks. He's a Mountain Dew kind of guy which grosses me out, but I am sure that coffee is disgusting to him. By the way, I started to drink the stuff when I was on the night shift. Can anyone blame me?

There were actually two goals for the trip. The trainer appointment and to find a single apartment. Since we got to campus early, we stopped by several apartment rental places to see what was left. Mind you, this is June...anything of value and worth is gone. Therefore, he gets the crumbs. This is his fault and he owns it.

After stopping at three places, we had the list of leftovers and went to see the outside of the apartments. Naturally, all of them were 'yukky". Although as I drove down a tree lined street, there was a first floor single apartment for rent that I loved. The porch was not decaying. There were no garbage or red solo cups on the grass. It was, may I say it....sweet....clean....appealing....and so, I made the call to the realtor.

Sadly, this very nice single apartment on the tree lined street without the trash strewn on the yard or splattered eggs on the windows was designated for graduate students only. I made my plea to the realtor that the rentee would be a senior and would take great care of the place, but he would not be deterred to rent to us....unless....we gave him the entire 10 months worth of rental fees up front....that's right.....in my oh-so-fuzzy mind, I figured that we would have to write a check in July for $10,000. It was at this time that my mind cleared, the beauty of the little garden apartment lost its charm, and I exited my haze. Looking at the big guy, I said: "Uh, dude, you are headed for the ugly brick building down the street...." Next week, we will make appointments with the realtor to see these places and I will look forlornly at my little garden apartment as we drive by to the ugly brick building.

Yes, this means that by the end of next week, he will be free of the house of mold. As we drove by the house, there were the usual red cups adorning the lawn and a citation ready to be written by the police for the trash. At least, by paying a bit more (OK, a lot more), we will have some piece of mind and eliminate some of the midnight calls home. If the apartment is trashed, he has no one to blame but himself. But I must say that he has taken terrific care of my old SUV. There is no trash in it. It is very neat (neater and cleaner than when I drove it). He's trying to get another few years out of it. Fingers are crossed for this one.....

As far as the meeting with the trainer is concerned, he was quite open to the changes and mentioned that during the fall they would work on flexibility. When asked if the coaches were on their way out, the trainer did not have any real news for him. Currently, the College World Series is taking place. Chances are that the Athletic Director is waiting for the outcome to approach one of these coaches about taking the job. With that said, I gotta work!


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