Friday, June 7, 2013

What happened?

Boy, it's really wet out there. Yep, lots of water that I am praying will stay out of my basement. It's always a joy taking Diva dog out in the rain. She suddenly gets more finicky about where she goes and I probably should wear my bathing suit to walk could blind the neighbors, so I
will just keep the clothes on....just sayin'....

What's going on in the big guy's world? Well, he is working at the bakery and deposited a little vanilla vanilla cake in my Weight Watchers tracker that made the numbers spin....but so worth it! As he makes money for future purchases and endeavors, he is also working out and meeting with his physical therapist who has duly been horrified by the look of his body.

Why? Well, it seems that the trainers and coaches at the university have had all of the pitchers bulk up and turn into hulky guys. According to the PT and his surgeon, no pitcher should be looking like linebackers. He should be leaner which is why he has problems finding the plate. His muscles are not longer limber. He also had faulty technique and did not stretch the way he should have....a phenomenon of poor coaching....

Is this a joke? Really...let's consider that this university is one of the most premier in the US and world as far as curriculum, research, and scholarship are concerned, but the athletic department is poorly run and does not abide by an best practice models. So, what do I say?

What the heck? Yeah....that's right....what the heck! You are in one of the best schools in the country, have the greatest facilities, and educators who are top notch and can't figure things out. Why don't the departments work together rather than against each other? Why aren't the trainers better prepared? Why weren't the stats re: pitchers' injuries and surgeries reviewed by the board and the orthopedic surgeons? If this was my team and the injuries were mounting, I would scrutinize the methods and collect some data and make changes in the program. Wouldn't you? Doesn't that make more sense than watch the players's baseball careers end from preventable injuries. Again, this is not just a parent's perspective but a person who sort of has a few brain cells working....that's really all it takes.

Ok, time for me to go. No word on the coaches and whether there is a "For Sale" sign in front of their homes. As I learn more about the process of training, I feel less and less sorry for them. Although, I hate seeing anyone lose their livelihood. However, with all of the resources that they had to create an amazing team, they blew it to the detriment of many young men's health. And yes, if I do not perform well in my job, then I am replaced. That's it....Job description+aptitude+energy=success. Therefore, what went wrong? 


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