Saturday, June 1, 2013

Looking at problems

Good hot morning! Yep, it's juicy....yesterday I had a three hour tennis match against a power house team....yes, they were good, young, and in shape versus me and my faithful partner, Spike (who is in great condition). Thank goodness for Spike...she ran everything down like a champion. I would hit the ball into the air and she would put it away. As we entered the third set, we were tied until the bitter end when all we needed was one point to win and did we do it?

Well, you read my stories, so you know the answers. No, I choked and went back to a tie....then broke the tie...were point...then we lost in the tie break 15-13. Ouch.....our pride was not the only thing hurt here....legs, arms, back, right great toe, left heel, and my ego.....Spike and I felt that it was a moral victory which basically means that we lost. But she was a champion! As I hobbled around Target and Costco with BP Grandmom and Grandpop, I was still waiting for my saliva to return and to stop sweating. Yep, hours later after playing for three plus hours in 92 degree temperature, I was still hot. With that said, my saliva has partially returned and I am pretty sure that I am still a bit dehydrated...but who was great fun even though we lost.....which is a very good lesson for the big leftie.....

When I dragged my body home, I knew that I needed to talk to the big kid about his immediate reactions to problems. He avoided me for as long as he could until I captured him on the stairway...."sit down, I want to talk with you...." "Here...yeah, here...I am too wet from tennis to sit on the furniture, so sit on this step. We gotta chat..."

And so it began with his delaying the 'talk' to show me a you tube video of the University of Cincinnati baseball team....I'll post it below....he continued to avoid the obvious mother son chat by showing me a really funny Jimmy Kimmel you tube....OK...enough....although this one was pretty good too....see below....

Finally! We are going to have that moment where I tell him that a person solves problems in the following sequence which can or cannot be modified depending upon the issue at hand:

1. Problem occurs....Option A: Panic Option B: Step back and start to think through your data
2. Look at options. Eliminate the emotions
3. What are your options, leaving panic out of the process? On a good day, you will discover that you have more options than you think.
4. List the resolutions in your mind....process...combine them...delete a few....prioritize....make a decision.....
5. Implement your decision
6. Evaluate.....

This process can be refined and tailored for each person. Now, I am sure that your question is: "did he listen?"

Hmmmmm, that is a toughie....let's just say that he "heard" what I had to say. Whether or not he alters his approach to issues and life remains to be seen. But, he's a young guy, so he is still in the development phase. I know that he has the tools to be effective in crisis management, but he doesn't know it yet.

OK, I am done pontificating and am pretty sure that I need some water....crazy....I must be crazy....after all, I played college tennis years and years ago with Wildcat and still strap the sneakers and knee brace on each week to have someone mess with me. Why? I don't know but after yesterday's epic match, I have to say that the journey and trying to achieve something that really doesn't matter is fun. Yep, fun....Tink....quick...grab the ice pack and a bag of frozen peas for my knees....the Aleeve....and the heating pad for my back....thanks sweetie......

Have a great day!

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