Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hasta la vista

Hi! I am sorry that I have not posted but it has been busy around the ole BPM household. Finally, yes, finally, we put the big kid on the plane for Texas. He had his suitcases, backpack and glove in his hand as he waved good by on his way to a new adventure.

From what I understand, the temperature has been unbearably hot. Hey, it's hot here too...just not 110 degrees. Why did it take so long send him? Well, the shoulder has been hurting and he did not want to go and not be able to follow the program completely. Therefore, he finished PT, massage, stretching, and working out. Today was the big day.....and now it is up to him and the Pitching Doctor.

It's quiet around here, but he had to go. This is another adventure and chapter in his book of life. We may fly to Texas in a few weeks to see him....then again..maybe not....He's 21 and ready to fly on his own. Hasta la vista!

More about the ranch later. Have a great day!

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