Monday, July 1, 2013

Pitching doctor

Good morning! It's raining again! I guess that this is good for the flowers. And, I don't have to pull the hose out to water this week. Although, yesterday Tink showed me a hose that is lightweight and coils on its own. I am going to have to check it out in Home Depot. I guess that this hose is becoming my latest obsession. Speaking of obsessions, thanks to Big Sis, I am now fully engrossed in the game Candy Crush and have not left the couch in two days trying to beat it. I even woke up this morning with colored images and blocks swimming in my mind. This cannot be good for anyone's weight, diet, or health. Gonna have to delete it after I finally get to the next level. For those of you who have not started the game, may I suggest that you don't. It's more addicting than chocolate cake and Pepperidge Farm goldfish....just sayin'

On to the big kid....Yes, his dream of the past 9 months has actually come true. As I type, he is stretching in Houston and prepared for a 4 week pitching boot camp that he sees as changing his life. As dad, Tink, and I sat at dinner for the first time in a long time without the big guy, dad felt that this journey is part of his development and he can never say that he did not try everything to make it. And there you have it....

The leftie has been given every advantage to make it. Now it is up to him and the Pitching Doctor. By the way, he does not take this perk lightly. He works hard every day, sacrifices, and grinds it out. He is gritty and determined. With these traits, he will succeed whether it is in baseball, law, or collecting trash. He has the hard to come by work ethic. I give him kudos for his ability to focus on his goals. Many of us get side tracked with games like Candy Crush. Others believe that working out and sacrificing are way too hard and therefore give up. Not this guy. After spending the last month with him, I have come to admire him as a person and not just as a son. He is becoming the man that I wanted in a son.

He is kind, giving, sensitive, and caring. He is also goal oriented and can write! Yep, he can write! So, look for his memoirs in the future.

Quick note, I just heard from him. He arrived at the ranch two hours early. The gates are locked, so he is driving around. There is nothing and I mean nothing near the ranch for many many miles. So he is driving on a two lane highway killing time. I told him to get off the phone and focus on driving and finding a Panera to hang out. "Uh, ma....there is no Panera, Burger King and McDonalds for miles. This place is all farms and ranches and cows." Ok, so stop driving and talking and focus on relaxing and mentally preparing to begin...Or look for former President Bush...doesn't he live on a ranch in TX?

With that said, I'll miss the big guy, but he has to be there. I am proud of him and look forward to hearing and sharing lots of interesting stories from the ranch.

Got to go! I have another level of Candy Crush to tackle and a retractable hose to find!


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