Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby, you're a firework!

Good hot morning to you! It's the day after the 4th, making it the 5th of July, and my legs are tired! Yes, I worked out yesterday before the big party. But standing for what seemed liked days preparing food, serving it, and cleaning up took a toll on them. Now, its time for some tennis.....I'm ready! By the way, I'm not complaining. In fact, I look forward to Scooby's party tonight as we watch fire works from the front lawn. Yep, life is good here.

Although....I read an article about Alzheimer's disease and the symptoms that you may be headed for it. Sorry, Tink and Buddy, buttttt....I have a few symptoms that I have to abate. For example, to stop the progress, a diet must be rich in vegetables. I was never a big veggie eater...yuk....but I am going to have to become a rabbit and eat more...this means eliminating part of my own personal food pyramid such as cookies, pizzelles, Pepperidge Farm goldfish, and caffeine.....yikes...I guess by substituting broccoli and asparagus, I will keep my mind a few extra years. All worth it....

Yesterday at the big family blow out, we celebrated Aunt B's and Lil A's birthdays as well as Cuz J's 5 year breast cancer survival. Crazy times, yet poignant. Sparky, Baker, and my nephew were planning a camping trip. For them, this means bugs, snakes, eating outside, and sleeping without air conditioning. Let me go on record (again) by professing what camping means to me.....a night in a motel without cable TV. That's it.....

As we spoke about camping, they were more and more eager to take some type of trip so we compromised....Sparky, Scooby and I will camp out at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas....Baker and nephew will find a lovely place in Nevada and set up their tents....Vaya Con Dios, compadres.....We'll meet at the Wynn for the all-you-can-eat breakfast before they start fishing, hiking, or whatever a person enjoys while camping.

On to the big kid ensconced in Texas. He is not eating veggies this month although he had a tomato placed on his roast beef sandwich yesterday. When he is not at the ranch, he is bored and heads to the only place in town with entertainment....WalMart. That's movie theaters....malls....or places to go except for WalMart. I remember the baseball trip to West Virginia and by jingo....the only place to go was WalMart. Is there a theme here?

He goes to Wal Mart in the evening to buy $5 movies for the evening. That's his entertainment, folks. I am so glad that he has things to do. He should be practicing during this down time for his LSATs if he is really serious about law school.

All in all, he is loving the ranch and the work outs. He is changing his body once again and vows never to follow the protocol at the university.

Yesterday, he received an email from the pitching coach (who is still employed!). The email was re-routed from a person on the head baseball coach search committee. He asked the entire team for their input on whom they should hire and what characteristics they are seeking in a head coach. Immediately, dad told him not to send a response in an email but to call the person. By sending a return email, it could come back in a negative way. People are too free  saying inappropriate things in an email and can be persecuted or prosecuted for it...just sayin'....

So, the search for the perfect coach is taking shape. I wonder who it will be? Actually, it does not matter. I cannot control it AND it is not my battle....on to battle the girls in tennis....

Enjoy the 5th!

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