Friday, July 26, 2013

Plans for the future begin today

Good morning! It's beautiful here in the northeast that we actually wore jackets last night as we celebrated Muscles' birthday. Ahh... to be 29 again for the 21st time....

Anyway, the big guy is coming home today and has been cleaning out his little dirty motel room. I asked him to leave the bed bugs, mold, and ants in Texas. As is the tradition in my home, he will leave the suitcases in the garage until I can inspect them for unwanted visitors.  Is he a dirty kid? Well, he plays outside all day, so in a way, he is.  

As he planned to catch his flight, he spoke of his daily work out routine beginning with 6 am yoga. "Do you want to join me?" Huh? Did you say 6 am? That's 6 in the morning, right? That's an hour before 7 am and 2 hours before 8 am...meaning that I would have to get up at 5:30 to drive to the Y, lay on a mat, and contort my body while I am still asleep? Sounds like a plan....NOT! Although, it is a healthier thing to do and I can always go to bed earlier in the evening....maybe....but 6a? Oye!

As the early morning yoga ruminated in my mind, he continued with his plans....I need yoga to stretch every day......cardio.....weights.....use the equipment that dad bought for me (no tires)....and an afternoon throwing program. Whew...that makes me even more tired as I rise from my Tempur-pedic at an ungodly hour....ZZZZZ.....

And there you have it...a work ethic....a desire to make it....a passion for what he does....this is crazy, yes?'s not crazy. He wants something that no one can give him except he has to earn it. It requires study, determination, and perspiration. The rubber hits the road here as he has two years of eligibility left, therefore time is of essence. He is pouring it on and ready for the final push.

As a parent, I am impressed with the work outs, effort, and gratitude that he displays. He knows that he could not be where he is today without his family supporting him....especially his dad. In the old days when he needed a bat, I would clip a coupon for Sports Authority and try to buy the cheapest one while saving 20%. Did dad do that? uh, no....he would take the kid online and buy the biggest, baddest, neatest bat a little leaguer could ever want. In those days, he slept with his glove under the mattress and bat next to his bed. To say that this is an obsession would be an understatement. He has given up most normal social activities to live this dream. I guess that there will be time in the future to go to parties, hang out with the posse, and get some uninterrupted sleep.

I honestly do not know what the future holds but I hope that he can achieve his goals. If not, how will he handle it? How will he cope with plan B or C? Is there really a plan B? I can only sit back and open my pocketbook while the moths fly out to support him until he does actualize some sort of professional life. Best wishes, kiddo....I'll be watching!

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