Tuesday, July 30, 2013

P-U!!! It stinks!

Good morning! I'm back! What does that mean? Well, as of today, I can once again...multi task. For a while, I gave it up since I was too stressed out. But for some reason, today, I plan to accomplish a number of tasks including working out, cooking, and writing....laundry....and blah....blah...blah....It all began yesterday when I accomplished two goals that were on my list for two weeks. It felt pretty good. And so, I want that feeling back and will tackle a few more projects. For me, it's like an endorphin high that runners get as they work through the pain. As each task is completed, I feel lighter and lighter.....floating.....above the crowd....ahhhhh....

Oops! Back to reality....yesterday the big kid drove to campus to interview coach prospect number 1. When he arrived at the house of mold to change into big man attire (collared shirt, chinos, and socks with the boat shoes ....yep...I said socks.....), he unlocked the front door after walking past garbage. As the entered the house, he was hit with an overwhelming pungent smell....something like cooked garbage. Upon investigating, it seems that OC left for home without taking out the trash, while he unplugged the refrigerator, opened its door, and left the food to rot. Unexpected? Nah....this is the way that these guys operate.

Sadly, it smelled too awful to stay there, so he planned on asking Big Red or Angel if he could sleep on the sofa for the next few days. Speaking of the sofa and tables, he is not donating them to the Salvation Army. It wouldn't be right giving away a sofa that smells like rotten food. And so, his plan is to leave it. The roomies can worry about fumigating the house. In the meantime, he is taking his gear and what is salvageable to his new apartment.  And now it is time for the "I told you....." rant.

Yes....dad and I said on a number of occasions, 'do you really want to live with these guys?'

"Yes, I can handle them..."

Uh huh...sure...you can control them and the weather too. Can you control my weight loss? It is not going well....any way....many, many, many times, we told him to get out. Dad was going to pay two rents to do so. He got sick, was miserable, and could not sleep some nights. Really, dude, we'll pay for it. Get out now...pasta only costs $1.00 plus the sauce. We'll live on peanut butter.....get out now.

And so, our pleas fell on deaf ears. Nope....he handled it...again....again...and again.....This garbage bomb is the final straw in this saga. Some day, I hope that he looks back on this and says: "My parents were right....smart....wise....and devilishly good lookin'"......

But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for this....perhaps I would if I was in the house of mold, but not at home.

Next week closes the chapter on this year. Man, it has been a rough one....yet, as always, he comes out of it renewed, replenished, and ready for the next bonehead mistake.

Gotta go.....time to accomplish my goals. If I have time tomorrow, I will post about the coaching candidates.....


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