Sunday, August 4, 2013

Poop Deck

Good morning! It's a bee-u-ti-full day in the humidity....just nice blue skies and a gentle breeze. I am sorry for the lack of posts this week but even BP mom takes a few days off to hit the beach. Naturally, it rained while we were there. Although, not all was lost, I moved up several levels in Candy Crush. Is there a 12-step program to overcome an addiction to this game? Geez, my pointer finger is beginning to uncontrollably bend.

And how is everything? Hmmm...just fine, I suppose. The big kid returned from his interviews last week with lots of interesting information. It seems that administration had no idea how bad the coaching was when they heard of the lack of accountability, failed drug tests, drinking, and poor morale. They actually apologized to the players. Interesting...

They interviewed three coaches and liked them all for one reason or another. The third seemed to be the best. he was from one of the schools in the Carolinas. No announcement has been made.

Tomorrow, he returns to campus to remove his possessions from the rancid smelling house. He is going to take photos and send them to the guys to make sure that they know that he had nothing to do with the garbage and left over decayed food in the kitchen. Then he will move his non smelling belongings to his second floor apartment that he calls the 'poop deck'. If I say that he is one happy guy, I am understating his exuberance. It's time to live alone and make his own decisions. At breakfast today, I begged him to keep it clean especially with his landlords working beneath him and my name on the lease.

Although, I will offer one story that a recent college grad shared with me about his baseball house. It seems that when the guys/room mates were drunk (24/7), they would forget about the bathroom and pee wherever they stood. That's right...on the the bedroom, kitchen, and/or living area. It seems that these guys lost their sense of direction as they downed beer after beer.  I thought inhibitions were the first to go. I did not realize that black out drunkenness caused a person to be incontinent. And I thought that the big kid had the grossest roomies. I was wrong! And so, I learned something new last week. You can share that one with whomever needs a laugh or five.....

As far as training is concerned, he had a conversation with the team's trainer as he explained his new work  out regimen. The trainer was 'less than enthusiastic' about his plan and was argumentative as the discussion continued. Since the trainer is 24ish, he has all the answers. He was especially belligerent about the big leftie's physical therapist's plan of action. It seems that he never heard of the internationally known guy who works with the pros and developed multiple programs and exercises. Who, at the age of seventy-something,  is still active and working with the pros and amateurs. Oh, by the way, he is in the PT and Trainer's Hall of fame.....just sayin'.....and so, he will continue to battle  as he advocates for himself.

One of the pitchers who was drafted by the pros last year currently has a 0.00 ERA in the minor leagues. When he visited campus in the spring, his response to his success was "it's amazing how good you can be with good coaching..."  Gotcha!

He's right. Why am I spending thousands (and I mean thousands) of dollars to send him to Texas for training, physical therapy, and work out equipment when he attends an elite division 1 team? Where is the accountability from administrators here? With their resources, there is no reason why this team would not have the personnel to make a yearly run for the College World Series. As dad says: "it boggles my mind."

And so, until the new coaches are settled in, we will continue to assist the big guy as long as we can. Just providing food alone has been quite an eye opener. He can really chow down.....

As he moves into the poop deck, I have to run to the discount and dollar stores to equip it. I also have  20% off EVERYTHING coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond. How often do you see a valuable coupon like that? Uh....never!

OK, I gotta run and meet Wildcat, BP Grandmom and Grandpop. Wildcat's brother is a missionary priest who is in town. This guy is amazing as he has lived in Siberia, Tanzania, and the Vatican. He has done so many wonderful things and has great stories. Spending time with him is inspirational....He has no problems leaving the US to help people. I would have considered visiting him in Siberia (actually, farther out...) BUT I don't do very well in temperatures 30 degrees below zero. Yep, too chilly for my thin blood...

Time to roll...enjoy this amazing weather!

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