Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eating cake and pulling weeds

Hey! It's a beautiful Saturday in the northeast! Finally...low humidity, blue skies....I want to be outside and not running errands....

What kind of errands? Oye! Well, we are still looking for Tink's new wheels. Got to test drive three more cars. When Tink and I went to the Honda dealer last week, we were ignored by the sales personnel, so we left without seeing a car. I am actually shocked seeing that there must have been 10+ sales reps in their glass enclosed offices. They never got up to greet us or ask us to add the leather package to the car that we were going to buy. I am not anti-Honda. On the contrary, I am not happy about being ignored. This type of salesmanship does not bode well for me since we would have to deal with them for service after the purchase.

And so, we are off to look at, sit in, and see these vehicles. I would rather watch the grass grow one blade at a time, but it is a necessary evil and I want to do it right.

I finally stopped crying last night. It was so spontaneous, I am not sure why it happened. Hormones? Sadness? Fatigue? I don't know. A ma has to let her kids go. That is the natural way of existence. Did the cavemen live with their mommas until their wives threw them out? Remember the TV show, The Waltons? Both grandparents lived with John Boy and his siblings and parents. I am not keen on this type of living arrangement. I need my space and not have Mary Ellen busting into the bathroom to put on her make up while I am tweezing the know what I am sayin'?

Besides, the big kid wants to buy a plantation in Georgia (don't ask) and have Angel run it for him. He has so many big dreams, I do not believe that he has 'live with mom' on his bucket-list. And if he does, I am sure that his future wife will have something to say about sharing her kitchen with BP mom and her cheesecakes.

Speaking of cakes, the big kid did something that melted my heart. Before he left, he said that he had a surprise for me. "Check the fridge after I leave..."  And once I returned from work, I walked to the garage refrigerator and first thought that he left a bottle (or box) of pinot grigio for me to drown my sorrows....But no! It was not was the almighty vanilla vanilla cake from the bakery with a note that said "thanks for all the love and support...." What a guy! He knows his momma better than anyone. On the way to campus one day, I told him that Happy Birthday was my favorite song. Why? 'cause after you sing it, you get to eat cake. It's perfect! Anyway, the cake was so great. I am truly touched by his gift and am happy that he appreciates everything that we have done for him as parents. This is nice. Now, I am pretty sure that he is ready to launch and buy his plantation in Georgia.

It's time for me to do some weeding. The weeds are taking over the flowers so I can get some exercise this way. I am trying to heal the tennis elbow with rest, so certain work outs are banned. I can't run because of the knees. And the Y shuts down today for a week of intensive cleaning. Therefore, working around the house will be my source of cardio....pretty lame, I know. But it's all I have today besides walking around the auto mall.

Have a great day! Par-tee...enjoy! Eat cake!

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