Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Down to three

Good morning! Well, it's final....the cord has been pulled....the car is dead. RIP. The big kid took the license plate off the back and it is waiting for the hearse to take it to its final resting place. I can't even visualize where it is going to go. After all, if we sold it, I would have made sure that it went to a deserving family who would take care of it and change its oil every 3000 miles. But I have no control over this situation, so I am going to block it from my mind. Good bye, old friend.....sniff....
So, what happens now? We are down a car. The big kid needs one. Tink needs a car. I need a car and so on. I guess that this means car shopping, which I hate. Replacing the blue SUV will be tough. The new one will have to sing to me. I am not sure whether any car could hold a candle to it. But we will try.

Possibilities include:

A Kia....from what I understand the Sorrento (?) has a 98% safety rating and is the right price.

A Honda CRV....nice looking wheels...sweet ride...a Honda

A Nissan Rogue...rented one last week...not impressed, although the rental had 48,000 miles on it, so it could have been abused.

 Porsche Carerra.....Kidding....
That's it. We are down to three choices. What do I look for in a car? Hmmm...color....heated seats....leather...navigation....sun roof....air conditioning, front wheel drive. Does anything here have to do with performance? Uh, no.

Do my needs reflect superficiality? No, they reflect comfort. Yet, I am not going to be driving the car so I will keep my mouth closed (yeah, sure...OK, I'll try to keep my mouth closed).

As soon as I can get Tink out of bed, we'll go to test drive these vehicles. She is going to be the primary driver, so she has to feel comfortable in the seat. Ultimately, she will make the decision.

let's reflect on Tink's life and a kid, I was in line to drive the green paneled FORD LTD station wagon that could fit 13 people comfortably. Any more than 13, we would be squished. It was an easy ride, although hard on the eyes.

Then I shared an orange VW Dasher with my brothers.


This lead to quite a few heated arguments.

Also, the Dasher was not reliable and would break down at worst times such as during a downpour and in the middle of the night. Have you noticed that they do not make Dashers anymore?

During that era, my dad pleaded for us to buy a K-car. Remember those?   No, well think about the ugliest car on the road, throw mud on it, take off the wheels, and toss a visually challenged blue haired 90 year old in the front seat and you have a K Car. I put my sneaker down on that one.

When it was time to buy a new car when I graduated from college, I bought a maroon Datsun. It was cute and had everything that I wanted (at the time, I had no idea what heated seats were and only dreamed of a sun roof). Then I had a head on collision with an older gentleman who had to avoid another older gentleman was he pulled out of a parking space. The car, being tiny, was totaled. Boy, was I sad. We were only going 15 miles an hour which then told me that some of these cute cars are not safe. Which is why....

We are going for safety. No matter how safe we are at driving, we need to be prepared for anything. Hopefully, we will not have to test its quality in an accident.

Ok, enough about cars. I am back at work and now have lots of paperwork to do to prepare for my first class next Tuesday. I am really going to miss summer.....Time for one last party.....
Take care!

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