Monday, August 19, 2013

Hi Y'all

Good morning! No rain...yet....Believe it or not, I got up for a 6 am yoga class. That's right....the last few wonderful days of vacation and I am out of bed at 5:30 to sweat.  Let me tell ya....I was not the first one up. The big leftie was long gone and working out at the Y. His back is feeling better and at this moment, he is in hour 4 of his work out. I pampered myself with a Starbucks grande pike after the session and am ready to travel to campus to finish the apartment. By the way, I was out of it this morning, I knocked over the Starbucks staff's tip jar onto the floor. Can anyone spell: "spaz?" I would have thrown more money into it as I picked up each coin and dollar, but I had no money in my wallet. At 7 am, the tips were a bit light. There were lots of pennies and nickels....early morning cheap skates!

By the way, the people who get up before dawn to work out are CRAZY! That's right. The Y's parking lot was half full at 5:45 and the people who were there are in amazing uber-shape. In fact, doughy me was the dough-iest of the yogis today. The teacher sighed when she saw me walk into class. Can anyone say: "remediation?" "Special ed"? Actually, she was nice and only had to move my poses twice. The girl next to me was a bit more 'challenged' than I competition....just being objective :-)

Ooops. Before I begin....Happy Birthday Scooby! Yeah, little sis is hitting a land mark. I won't divulge her secret but she looks like she is 21 and holding strong. Enjoy your day with the family. I'll catch up with you over the weekend......

OK, yesterday, I mentioned that I would share the trip to Paula Deen's restaurant with you....Here we go....On Saturday, we were scheduled to fly out of Savannah airport at 6 pm, so we took the opportunity to visit Savannah. Now, back up to PD's recent issues....her words were uttered 30 years ago. She is still being persecuted and prosecuted. As far as I am concerned, 30 years is a long time. Thirty years ago, I was a stupid, naive person. Now I am just stupid....but to work this woman over the coals for something that she said so long ago is torture. Do I condone it? Absolutely not. But there is a point with apologies that you let it go....

And so, I made reservations for the Lady and Sons restaurant. Naturally, we were late but were finally seated. The restaurant is three stories and the set up reminded me of the restaurants in Lancaster Counties Amish country. The people were polite. The wait staff was slow (a southern thing?). The way that they made money was through volume and they really moved people through their meals EXCEPT the people (us) who had to catch a plane.

Back to the meal.....After we sat down, I was thinking of a glass of wine liquor...HUH?

After getting over the wine faus pax, one of the servers brought over cheddar biscuits and some sort of flat and fried (greasy) corn bread. Both were de-lish! Although the greasy corn bread was a bit gross. I still ate it.

Buddy ordered the buffet which was full of fried chicken, corn bread, buttered green beans, beans, mac and cheese, and other southern treats. He was satisfied although not really crazy about the chicken. Dad had a meatloaf sandwich that he hated but ate with the help of ketchup. Tink and I ordered shrimp and grits. I downed the entire plate while she shoved hers away...too much salt....I never noticed. After banana pudding, we paid and were escorted into the PD store adjacent to the restaurant. Everything and I mean everything had "y'all' plastered on it. There were y'all tee shirts, hats, beer bottle openers, mugs, chapped stick, hand lotion, seasonings, cook books, cook ware, forks, knives, and so on. It was at this point where I could not purchase anything with that phrase. It was overdone and over-branded. My take is to let the food do the talking....Would I return to the restaurant? Nope. One and done.

Would I use her recipes? Absolutely. I love her cobbler recipe and have made a few others. Her son Jamie has recreated her fat-laden recipes and made them lighter. I will try some of those in the near future.

OK, on to today....the big kid and I are going to campus to buy furniture and finish the place.


He gets an apartment. Tink gets a new car. I get the bills. It's only fair, right?

With that said, it's time to point the car and head north. Peace!

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