Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soap Opera Life

Good morning! Another wet day in the northeast wetlands.....mosquitoes love this kind of damp weather....breeding...hatching....waiting to launch their nasty bodies on an unsuspecting dog walker.

Anyway, yesterday marked our wedding anniversary. I cannot believe the number of years. It seems like it is so many yet it doesn't feel that way.

In other words, I have been married for more than half of my life. That's pretty nuts. I can remember the day vividly, although I am not sure if I ate breakfast this morning or where I left my car keys. But it was a gorgeous day with a beautiful sunset. Families were joined and happy. Friends were partying and dancing.

It was terrific. Last night, although I could have gone anywhere for dinner, we ate take out at home with Tink and Diva. That's what life has come down to....take out Italian (which was really good). I did not want to be wined and dined for a number or years of marriage. I really wanted to be home where the heart is and where I am most comfortable. Perhaps it has something to do with the hair that I found in my salad when we went out on Friday night.

Anyway, on to the big kid. Dad finally found a truck to transport the basement sofa to the poop deck. Yep, I'll be dragging and lifting a sofa once again as I swore that I would never do it again after the first year. If you recall, three years ago the sofa got stuck in the stairway and had to be hoisted by rope over the second floor deck with 6 guys helping out in the process. The second year, dad and the big kid pushed, pulled, and dragged it through the door of the house of mold. Now it is the third year and after a nasty custody battle for the aforesaid sofa, we left it in the house of mold for Gopher. It has been bequeathed to him. During the third year of off campus living, the basement sofa which has been in our home since we were married is headed north in a truck with his parents driving it.


Once again, a sofa has to be carried or lifted to a second floor apartment. Can anyone say: "Ouch? Hernia? Oh, my aching back?" As the song goes..."the things we do for love....."

On to the car reported earlier this week, I refused to go back to the Honda dealer that ignored me when I walked through the door. Not so proud, dad and Tink returned on Monday night and were given the deal of the century. Once the price was verified, I got an SOS phone call to bring the check book to the dealership and pick out a color. I stood by the door and refused to walk through it although Tink finally convinced me to help her to choose. Reluctantly, I picked out four colors and labeled them 1, 2, 3, and 4. After I left, Tink changed the order of colors, leading me to consider....'why did they need me to the first place?" With that said, it is three days later and we have NOT heard from the dealership about the car. Hmmmm.....There is a deposit and no car.

As far as the big kid is concerned, he lives a soap opera life as each day ends with a 'what will happen tomorrow?' On Tuesday, he met the pitching coach who is not a fan of the pitching doc. Yikes! Startled, he had a conversation with his coach who said that he wanted data to support a change in his current practices. In other words, he wants the leftie to write a paper on the merits and mechanics of the pitching doc's routines. OK, look....hmmmm....the information is available online. The head coach is already on board with the routine. The kid is in college and has to write papers for courses. Really, really? Is he going to have to write a paper to convince a prima donna coach on the value of a new system? Is his system so great that he has had a multitude of pitchers drafted by the majors? In life, don't we continue to strive to do things in a more efficient and effective way? Can't this guy open his mind and look at the data on his own? OYE!

Whew....glad that I got that off my chest. And so, that is life this week. With new starts, the door closes on the summer activities. Tink starts class next week and will be driving her new wheels in a color that she has selected. Buddy will have a sofa with a bit of a musty scent. And dad will continue to work hour upon hour to pay for it. Tune in tomorrow for the life of BP mom. The question of 'will she land up in traction after lifting the sofa up the stairs will be answered'.....


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