Monday, September 2, 2013

Two men, a truck, and one mom

Good morning! Happy Labor day! I hope that you are enjoying the last day before the summer officially ends. Rather than sleeping late, I woke early to make cupcakes for our neighborhood party. The party is called "drinks and dessert". I love my neighbors! Two of my favorite food groups are being celebrated....
(By the way, this famous photo is Gopher's Granny).

Anyway, I am actually ready to return to the classroom. last week, I had a taste of it when I had my first 4 hour class. I set my tempo at low and took my time rather than rush through the class. They still had questions as I have noted multiple times in my inbox. "Just one more question, professor...."...they are so polite. It makes up for the other times when the class is texting the answers to the tests to each other.

Anyway, on to the big kid.....we delivered the aforesaid sofa and easy chairs on Friday after loading a large Dodge Ram. Praying that it did not rain, we took the trip to the mountains with the sofa jutting over the edge of the truck. Tink kept her eyes on the furniture the entire time. She was ready to tell us if the furniture fell out of the trunk and onto an unsuspecting motorist. Yeah, this was fun.
Photo: Sofa and furniture on way to PSU
Once we arrived, I assumed that the big kid would have his posse waiting for us to take the furniture up the stairs...wrong....


We had to do it ourselves, but once we looked at the opening of the door, we knew what was inevitable...that's right. We had to make a trip up two flights hoisting the sofa over the deck with a rope. Uh huh...that was me with my hands on the rope and pulling it over the gutter and the deck. We broke a little bit of the deck molding but otherwise made it safely. Can anyone say "herniated disc?"

On Saturday, I had a massage to work out the kinks in my back after lifting the sofa. Believe it or not, I was more sore after the massage. She was doing something much more than kneading the muscles. I felt certain that she was trying to squeeze my internal organs. I had to hobble out of that session.

OK, let's look at dad...a sister....a large athletic brother with big muscular friends. How does Momma land up lifting the sofa? Huh? Where were the boys? Partying at 4pm? Huh? I ask you....

With that, I have to frost the cupcakes and work on a few more projects before class tomorrow. In the meantime....enjoy the dessert!

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