Monday, September 9, 2013

Nuts or competitive?

Hi! I got the Monday morning blues and do not feel like typing, working, or thinking. Hmmm....Problem, BPM? Uh, no....I don't think so. Just not 'feeling' it today, although I have a full schedule of activities which include but are not limited to grading papers, reading and commenting on students' online posts, prepping for the week's classes, electrician, and paddle.

Maybe that's it....paddle. I let a friend talk me into playing again. She's the national champion in our age group. She's an amazing athlete and a super person.  Although, the last time that I had a paddle in my hand, I blew my left knee out and needed surgery. I guess I am weak, because this person has asked me to play one hundred times. When she asked the one hundred and first, I caved and said 'yes'. Now I have to play and protect the remaining cartilage in my left knee. Can anyone say 'wuss?' How about 'ninny?' What is my problem with saying no especially when it keeps me from surgery and knee replacements? Ah, maybe it is the competitor in me. I am not ready to hang up the sneaker, racquet, and paddle. Would that mean that I am admitting that I have aged?

This actually segues into a conversation that I had with the big kid last night. For journalism class, he is writing an article about athletes who overcame injuries to return. He is profiling numerous friends of his from the different sports teams and me. That's

His premise is that at any age (ouch), a person can overcome injury and return to the playing field. Although there will be twists and turns.... As a result, he is going to interview me to see how I did it. is how it went....after the surgery, I went to PT with my therapist Tank. He whipped me back into shape athletically.

However, in my head, I was anxious about re injuring the leg and needing additional surgery. One of the PAs in the surgeon's office told me to stop playing tennis and pick up a new method of exercising like a stationery bike. A stationery bike? Really, dude? Then what? I can compete with the 90 year old man next to me whose oxygen tank is supplying some needed O2 as he strides into 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off.

Yikes! I would rather sit on the sofa eating Doritos (which I loathe) and turn into a coach potato. I cannot think of anything more boring than a bike that does not go anywhere.

Anyway, I eventually said 'screw it' and started to hit balls again, worked out with a ball machine, and was asked to play on a team with some really neat people. As I gained confidence, I played more. Is this the end of the story?

Nope! Last year during the summer, I lost every USTA match that I played (I won a few in the spring). Why? I am not sure. I think that I was worried about another injury and was not really playing hard enough to win. I was hitting the ball but didn't mean it. And so, I had the worst record on the sweet team and although we made the playoffs (not with my help), I bowed out of the championships since I had a black cloud over my head.

As time went on and the indoor season started, the mojo returned. All I can say is that it is not instantaneous and you battle your head and health. In other words, I was and still am a head case.
That's it in a nutshell.

Now, when the kid gets my latest information, he can use it as he likes in his assignment. In a way, he will be admitting that his mother has some 'issues' that she grappled with and overcame...until now.... 2pm...paddle with the champ. Am I crazy? In a word....yes.

And so, with my 2 pm court time, I have to make myself do my work. With that said, have a great day!

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