Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Closing the waist band

Good morning! it's a soupy day and I am trying to find something in the closet that is appropriate for class that is not too tight. It's not that I buy those skin tight clothes, it's the fact that my skin has grown in the past few months with the help of Mr. Merlot and Mrs. Ice Cream.

Anyway, I did play paddle yesterday but first put a brace on my left knee and right arm. I looked like I was just released from the orthopedic unit.

With my sunglasses, cap, and sneakers, I looked like a weekend warrior as I grabbed the paddle and said: "let's go!" Yeah...and we went as I hit several balls over the fence. Uh huh....no control....as coach politely mentioned the reason for my injuries was the poor form that I displayed...uh huh....I didn't want to tell her that my arm hurt because I injured it in yoga. I can't believe it myself. I would rather say: "My right arm was injured in a fall that I took when  I caught a child jumping from a burning building." How does that sound? Believable?

How about...."I injured the right arm when I dove in front of a SEPTA bus as a granny fell underneath the wheels?" No?

"I had to stop traffic because a bunny hopped into the middle of the intersection?"

"Would you believe I injured it while vacuuming the family room?" Note on this one, when we bought the new vacuum, my son has to show me how to start it.....

"The arm injury occurred when I disarmed a bandit in the bank...." Hmmmm....

OK, the truth...it's probably a Candy Crush injury. After all, I am on level 125. My resolve to quit in September went out the window.....

Nuff about me and my crumbling joints and bones....I heard briefly last night from the big kid. His finance professor gave the class a break after a two hour lecture. "Mom! I can't stannnnnnd it! It's so boring. Where's dad?" OK, let's consider this boring class. After all, you are minoring in business and finance is a tiny morsel of business, right? Wrong! Finance is business! Oye! Who helped him to choose a minor? Do you see me waving my right arm with the ice pack on it? Nope? It was not me who was consulted about this one. I already knew that he hated minutiae, therefore he would not like crunching numbers like his pop. So, it goes......

Now it's time to select that outfit that will allow for blood flow from my ankles to my core. Some of the waist bands are a challenge to close this week. I refuse to buy bigger clothes which is why I started the diet last week. It has actually worked, so now I can zip but not button....make sense?

Only if you wear my shoes.....sneakers...slippers...flip flops.....gotta run....gotta teach.....students are beckoning me.....Peace!

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