Friday, September 13, 2013

There she goes....Miss America....

Good morning! I hope all is well in your world. I was just interviewed by my son for a class. It's odd to hear him in a professional mode since he had to tape the interview. In contrast, I hope that I did not sound like a major dweeb.

On to weekend plans....what does a person wear to a Miss America parade? I can't find my sash and tiara so I am going to have to figure it out by reading this month's edition of Vogue magazine. I am sure that watching the parade will be fun but also a bit disconcerting. After all, these women could be my daughters.....they are shape....pretty and allegedly intelligent. I wonder what their moms look like.....hmmmm.....

Are the mothers like the Honey Booboo mother....or like Mama June in the play/movie Gypsy? Did the girls from an early age say: "I want to be Miss America and be in a parade in Atlantic City, New Jersey!"? Or did they aspire something much lower like pediatrician or manicurist?

What were dinners like in their homes?  I would hear "dad, I need a new glove....I flunked math....I was beaten up by a bunch of third graders.....some kid stole my! I got a sticker up my nose!...Black Friday means only Blacks can shop...." What was the topic of conversation at their table? "Daddy, I gotta have a breast toooo.....puh-leeze!" Or would they hear: "I ran out of the expensive eye liner. Ma, be an to Sephora for me!"

Did they drive up and down the east and west coast going to pageants and look to be discovered by a Hollywood producer? Did their parents break the bank helping them to achieve their dream of being on a float on the boardwalk?

Guess what? My life is not much different. The beauty queens worked toward Miss America. My kid is working toward MLB. Honestly, there is not much of a difference...both are passionate and will sacrifice for their goals. My kid sacrifices sleep. Miss America sacrifices cookies (yikes!).

And so, I am going to watch this parade and think about the hard work that went into their pursuit of winning this pageant. It parallels the big kid's journey. I am going to appreciate their hard work and dedication and NOT make fun of them....Ok, maybe a little bit. Come on...cut me a little slack! It's Miss America, not the Pope...President....George Clooney.......

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