Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On the case

Good morning! It's a bit chilly but gorgeous today. I am in love with the weather as I sit in my classroom and wait for my students to complete their projects. Yep, I am writing. They are's all good.

What's up? Hmmmm...not much....I love the way the phone calls from the big kid range from very high to extreme lows. It's like the weather. I don't know whether he will be chilly or heated....He mentioned that he had thrown a bullpen and was making great progress. Then his arm hurt and he had to shut down. As I questioned him, he mentioned that it was a result of conditioning and lifting weights. I wondered why the trainers and coaches would allow this. Doesn't it seem counterproductive? After all, if they injure themselves overdoing it, then the work outs are pointless.

Hearing my agitation, he had some interesting things to say...."Ma, we are all hurting...some guys' elbows hurt, their backs are sore, and others can't move their legs...."

Again...huh? Then why are they doing this? They work out two to three times each day. "Ma...we are pushing our bodies now so that they will be in tremendous shape down the stretch. Get it?"

Yeah, I got a headache. They are running the risk during the training drills of tearing something important or going down with a meaningful injury. I want to say: "Hey, cut it out. Just run a little, do some arm weights....throw a few sprints...." But nooooo....they are going to lift weights heavier than they are and run until they puke.

Nice imagery, right?

And so, I once again, will leave it to the professionals to know what they are doing. But I am watching....closely....very closely.....look out, BPM is on the case. Just don't blow it....

Thanks! Gotta run. It looks like the class is ready to chat about their work.

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