Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Good morning...we are headed for a week's worth of amazing weather. I wish that I could spend more time outside to enjoy it but like the rest of the planet, I have to work indoors. I am not sure why I complain about it since this is a blessing in the winter and hot days of the summer.

Anyway, the big kid was a happy camper yesterday. Apparently, he was able to long toss over 350 feet at the stadium. And, it did not hurt his arm! I believe that this is a good finding....

He also mentioned seeing the sports psychologist at school who has been waiting four years for him to stop by....Anyway, the doc said that he deserved the success that he is currently having....when other guys had faced what he has encountered over the past few years, they would have folded. Yet, this kid gutted it out. Also, when the leftie mentioned his inability to find the plate, the doc told him to start using single words in his head and focus on that rather than thinking too much. In other words, each time that he throws, he is to utter the word: "attack!" Yep, and so, the mind bending begins and hopefully the work attack will become his mantra.

I can see it now...years from now as he accepts his Cy Young award, he will be asked how he was able to overcome adversity. His response will be 'attack!' The second question will be 'how did you become so successful on and off the field? Again...the answer is 'attack!' Thanks doc!

On Showtime, I watched part of a documentary on the Williams sisters.

It seems that their younger years were spent on obsessing about tennis and becoming champions. Their father used a multitude of odd modalities that worked for them. As I listened to their words, I again realized that a person not only has to have an extraordinary work ethic to make it in professional sports but have a win at all costs attitude. This again translates into the world of baseball.

When his former coaches and team mates would call him a psycho for obsessing over technique, command, and training, he would doubt himself. It is guys like this who rather than help him to achieve, would put him down thereby adding a sense of not measuring up. Therefore, I once again submit for anyone's consideration that to be a champion, you have to be obsessive, compulsive, and live and breathe your sport. He does this and therefore, I have no doubts that he will be the best if he allows himself to achieve it. He has to program himself to have no doubts. He also has to figure out a philosophy of failure. After all, when he fails, it will be plastered all over campus. Eventually, it could be nationally broadcasted. Therefore, he has to figure it out and shut out the excessive stimulation. he will always be scrutinized by the public and have to figure out how to handle it. Fortunately, he has doc to help him through this year.

Whew...now I can breath....gotta go to class. have a good day!

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